Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tihar -The New Corporate Park

2010 was the year of scams. We had “2G” “CWG” and “AdarshG”. We all know the name behind the scams and there was big uproar across nation about all the scams. We the people of India was lost the faith on Politician due to these scams.

2011 was the year of revolution. Supreme Court came in picture to keep track on “Investigation of scams.” CBI became answerable to Supreme Court than their Political Masters.

1st 2G

IT’S All started with the arrest of A.Raja in connection of 2G scam which caused Rs1.76thousand crore to ex chequer. CBI nabbed all the R Factor in 2G case. Raja,Radia,Relaince,Reality.The Big 4 are behind bars and there are many on the way to Tihar”The New Corporate Park.” Karunanidhi’s daughter charge sheeted. Let’s hope Ex Chequer will get their money back with interest. (NOW MARAN ALSO SHIFTED HIS JOME TO TIHAR)

2nd CWG

Kalmadi also went behind bars after a long run. He has been charge sheeted for providing contract to the company of monitory benefit. Kalmadi’s associates are also behind bars and many more to go.

3rd AdarshG

What about the people involved in construction of Adarsh. The Soul of Kargil martyrs are waiting for their chance so their Photo can be hanged on places where it supposes to be with All respect. Media has kept Adarsh issue totally out of frame for time being but there should be justice to The Soul of martyrs.

Amar Singh is latest addittion to Tihar. As we all know Amar Singh jee is well know figure between corporate so he went to Tihar setup all his connection in right way so there should be no chance of competition.

Tihar is going to be new corporate park likle Gurgaon and Noida as all corporate & politics big honchos are there from CEO to Director, From Promoter to Secretary and From PR to Politician.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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