Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pawar Shaheb

"Pawar Shaheb" the man from Baramati became a big name in politics of India. As being pioneer in congress he left the congress & made the foundation of National Congress Party when Soniag took over congress. I am sure he lost the chance to become PM when he left congress. Pawar is biggest Name in politics of Maharashtra. There is no one like him to represent Maharashtra on National level.

It's just irony of Maharashtra that Pawar didn't play any major role for development of Maharashtra. As you know I always write rumors so as per rumors He is one of the corrupt name in politics of Maharashtra but NCP has strong hold in vote bank of Maharashtra. Congress has no option then to support Pawar as without NCP, congress is like Lion without teeth "in Maharashtra."

There are people who believe that Pawar has shares in many companies.DB realty is one example. In IPL also his name came but got cleared quickly. One good thing about Pawar Shaheb "No one in Mahrashtra or India has dare to talk against him." Neera Radia has told the name of Real Owner of DB Realty.

I am sure no one can take any action against Pawar as he is so much powerful that same media which fires with AK47 on other Politician don't have guts to talk anything against him. Pawar Shaheb is true politician as he is on his chair from so many years and no one has dare to tell him "please stand up your time is over".

Shree Krishna has told one of his aunt’s Son that his 100 mistakes will be ignored but on 101 Krishna killed him. So Pawar has crossed the mark of 100 long time back let's see the result. Anna Hazare also opposed him for JanLokPal Committee ! Which makes Pawar Shaheb image more worst, when his name are getting link with DB Realty.

"I do hereby declare that whatever I have written above is rumor & I don't have any personal Intention to write anything against Pawar Shaheb."

Don't ask me why I have given above note. When News channels & Political leaders don’t have guts to talk against Pawar Shaheb so Who am I ? Don't want to see my body floating in some Naala of Mumbai.

Jay Pawar

Jay Mahrashtra

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Warning : If any of above word match with truth then it's just

coincidence. (Note for Safety)

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