Monday, 4 April 2011

Lokpal BIll

Corruption will be out one day, however much one may try to conceal it: and the public can as its right and duty, in every case of justifiable suspicion, call its servants to strict account, dismiss them, sue them in a law court, or appoint an arbitrator or inspector to scrutinize their conduct, as it likes.”

- Mahatma Gandhi (1928)

India is one of the corrupt Nations in the world. Our politician and Government servants are making money with their every move. 2G scam, Adarsh Society and CWG are among the Best example of Scams in India. We all can see it’s very difficult to nail a politician in any of cases and most of the time they run free with their Power and Influence.

Lokpal bill is one of the long time pending issues in India. The draft has been severally come across the Parliament and Assembly but due to some or other reason been failed to became Law. Shree Anna Hazare is observing fast from today so government can rapid the process to convert the Draft in to Law.

Lokpal bill will give power to file complaints of corruption against the prime minister, other ministers, and MPs with the ombudsman. As the appointment of Lokpal is no where related to politician so it’s difficult for them to influence the enquiry.

Do you think that a Law will help to reduce the corruption from system? I am very much sure that Lokpal bill has some power due to that only it’s not been approved till date.

There are people in India who are just busy with their own life. There are supports for Lokpal bill on Internet but what is the numbers of people going on ground to support Mr.Hazare and that actually matters.

Corruption starts from ground level. We’ll get the law for Netas but what about Rs.100 bribe to Pandu mama ?


Kamal Upadhyay

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