Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jan Lokpal

The Twitter world is buzzing with the trend of Anna Hazare and Jan

Lokpal. Earlier people were living in villages later on they shifted

to cities and now they are leaving on Internet.

There are so many appeals on Internet to support the "Aan Shan" of

Anna Hazare but we are the country of 1Billion people and there are

many who don't have clean water to drink so forget about access to


Media also leaving no chance to compete with their new rivals...rivals

means I am talking about bloggers, who have power to make voice.

Let's come on fact we need more people on ground to support Anna

Hazare. Bloggers can promote the campaign but real support required

from people of India.

It's very much sure that government is serious with Anna Hazare's Aan

Shan and if not then they should.

Anna Hazare is fighting against corruption. He is giving his life for

people of India so we have to support him to get the justice or else

there will be more 2G scam will come in future and our PM will say due

to coalition government we can't take any action.

In his last press meet PM has promised for action against people

involved in CWG but no action has been taken till date. There is no

coalition Dharma to take action against CWG scam master.

Jan Lokpal will give power to punish all culprits involved in any type of scam.

1Billion people can be reached through various sources like Radio, TV

and Internet. It's time to call the real common man to support the

cause which will directly effect their life.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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