Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Banana and IPL

When I told Banana then don’t get confuse I am just talking about the fruit. In India Nagpur is famous place for the Banana. There was time when Banana was treated as Fruit for Poor. Change is nature of any living creature so for the Banana earlier Banana used to be Green with Black patches. Dikhao Pe Na Jao Apani Akal Lagao so Black patches do not mean it was not tasty. You can eat as many as you want but now with the changing fashion Banana also changed the color.

Banana became very bright with more yellow colors now there are no Black patches on it. I think they use Fair Ness cream but the taste has been changed completely. It doesn’t taste like earlier. I don’t like Banana any more the Fruit of Poor now only for Rich as per his cost.

You can ask me Why are you talking about IPL with Banana ?

“IPL” The Brand was so successful that it leads to change many lives. There was time when Brand Man Lalit Modi was not having time to take break during IPL but now Lalit is out and so the craze of IPL. The Over dos of cricket is also responsible for the same. I am thankful to Anna Hazare for his LokPal movement or News Channels were adding extra Over dos of cricket with news of Dhoni & Co.

IPL became more costly for Auction of players and team but the Taste became poor. People don’t have same craze which they were having earlier for IPL. It’s all due to change of Color.

Let’s hope Banana and IPL will give us same color as earlier soon.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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