Monday, 11 April 2011

Ban and Black Money

There is blanket ban on Guthaka all over Mumbai. You can get the Goa Guthaka of Rs2 now at Rs8. So if you will introduce the ban to it’ll be sold in Black Market. Which’ll give chance to make money to the people without paying any taxes.

Abhishek Singhvi and Arun Jaitely are representing Guthkha companies in to Supreme Court as they don’t want to give chance to other to make money without Taxes . I don’t know why people of India take all the action from other as negative way. Abhi and Arun are fighting on behalf of Guthkah Companies for good cause.

Long time back Abba ban Dance Bars. Does it mean there are no dance bars in city?


Ban on dance bar gave people chance to make money without paying Taxes. Ban on any of the products which are related to Addiction will lead to revenue loss of Government and profit to the particular class of people in to society.

No doubt that chewing Tobacco and Guthkha leads to Cancer but people don’t care till they won’t become victim. Ban on packed tobacco product in plastic is banned but you can have mava and other tobacco products on Pan shop so there is no chance on any point that Ban will help to control cancer it’ll only help to generate black money.

Another example of bank and Black money is PORN. In India watching porn is not allowed legally. You can’t purchase or sale PORN materials but on every local station of Mumbai you will get person selling PORN VCDs & DVDs. You’ll get so many Video Parlor across Mumbai showing PORN movies with poster of Mithun starrer movie on front.

Bans are only helping people to make more Black Money so better make it open with proper license but as we are democratic country and here people criticize Anna Hazare and Gandhi so people over here just condemn the moves of others no matter it’s good or bad.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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