Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Wedding

“Begani Shadi mai Abdulla deewana”

It’s not wrong If I’ll say that Kates and Williams wedding was “Wedding of the Decade.” People all over world were talking about this wedding. Everyone was busy giving his opinion about the wedding. It’s doesn’t matter who is asking the view so I am also giving my opinion.

Many people on net were talking about that what’s so special about the wedding but everyone was watching BBC to take the glimpse of wedding.

I too have got invitation to attend marriage with Raja and Kalamdi but as there are in Tihar so we didn’t able to go to attend meeting and I also failed to reach Tihar as Air India cancelled they services due to strike by Pilots. I am very much sure that I was only person from India who got invited without doing any scam.

Royal family also spent much on decoration of everything as they are above than normal class of people. Let’s hope the Youvraaj of India “Amul Boy” will marry soon so we can leave west behind us in show off.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tihar -The New Corporate Park

2010 was the year of scams. We had “2G” “CWG” and “AdarshG”. We all know the name behind the scams and there was big uproar across nation about all the scams. We the people of India was lost the faith on Politician due to these scams.

2011 was the year of revolution. Supreme Court came in picture to keep track on “Investigation of scams.” CBI became answerable to Supreme Court than their Political Masters.

1st 2G

IT’S All started with the arrest of A.Raja in connection of 2G scam which caused Rs1.76thousand crore to ex chequer. CBI nabbed all the R Factor in 2G case. Raja,Radia,Relaince,Reality.The Big 4 are behind bars and there are many on the way to Tihar”The New Corporate Park.” Karunanidhi’s daughter charge sheeted. Let’s hope Ex Chequer will get their money back with interest. (NOW MARAN ALSO SHIFTED HIS JOME TO TIHAR)

2nd CWG

Kalmadi also went behind bars after a long run. He has been charge sheeted for providing contract to the company of monitory benefit. Kalmadi’s associates are also behind bars and many more to go.

3rd AdarshG

What about the people involved in construction of Adarsh. The Soul of Kargil martyrs are waiting for their chance so their Photo can be hanged on places where it supposes to be with All respect. Media has kept Adarsh issue totally out of frame for time being but there should be justice to The Soul of martyrs.

Amar Singh is latest addittion to Tihar. As we all know Amar Singh jee is well know figure between corporate so he went to Tihar setup all his connection in right way so there should be no chance of competition.

Tihar is going to be new corporate park likle Gurgaon and Noida as all corporate & politics big honchos are there from CEO to Director, From Promoter to Secretary and From PR to Politician.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Web is buzzing with BarkhaGate

There are no news from media on BarkhaGate but twitter world is buzzing with Barkha issue till date and Barkha is also giving acknowledgment to them why bloking them on social website.

Barkha Dutt is Group editor of NDTV. She used to have her show thebuckstop weekly at 10:00 pm on NDTV and We the people on sunday. She is one of good journalist from Media.

Indian was praising our 4th pillar of democracy in connection of expose of scam by Mr.Raja & Mr.Kalmadi. People were thinking that Media won't allow corruption in society.

No doubt that Media did great job to get the resignation from Raja & Kalmadi but suddenly Tape conversation between Radia & Barkha talking in favor of Raja came in one of magazine followed by outlook.

As soon as conversation came out people who involved in conversation gave their explanation. As per the clarification none of them are involved with any favor to corrupt minister.

"Chor chor mausere bhai" very old proverb came in use. Same media who were asking for punishment to all scam masters and neta didn't tell single word about Barkha.

There are possibilities that Barkha must be having secret of other big reporter so there is no news about such big connection with scam masters.

Let me tell you it is same media who made a boy name as Prince hero over night because he had fallen in bore well and tried their best to show the footage of Abhi-Aish wedding but failed.

Social networking site like Twitter is buzzing with word like #BarkhaGate which means gate for corruption. It can be true that Barkha & all other involved have no connection with scam. People are angry as suddenly when they were celebrating for their 1st step victory after Raja's resignation get shocked with Barkha's tape.

People are demanding probe in Tape matter and let media to follow this story as they were following Rakhi Ka Insaaf. There should be independent agency to probe Barkha's tape case. If she is not guilty then let her go. If found guilty then let her go in jail as she was demanding for other scam master.

Dear Barkha,

If you are exposing other scam master then it doesn't mean you can get involved in scam. Let the probe start to make you out from #BarkhaGate but if found guilty then sorry. You deserve jail. We the people don't have trust on Neta but when people like you break our faith it forced us not to trust media.

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Pawar Shaheb

"Pawar Shaheb" the man from Baramati became a big name in politics of India. As being pioneer in congress he left the congress & made the foundation of National Congress Party when Soniag took over congress. I am sure he lost the chance to become PM when he left congress. Pawar is biggest Name in politics of Maharashtra. There is no one like him to represent Maharashtra on National level.

It's just irony of Maharashtra that Pawar didn't play any major role for development of Maharashtra. As you know I always write rumors so as per rumors He is one of the corrupt name in politics of Maharashtra but NCP has strong hold in vote bank of Maharashtra. Congress has no option then to support Pawar as without NCP, congress is like Lion without teeth "in Maharashtra."

There are people who believe that Pawar has shares in many companies.DB realty is one example. In IPL also his name came but got cleared quickly. One good thing about Pawar Shaheb "No one in Mahrashtra or India has dare to talk against him." Neera Radia has told the name of Real Owner of DB Realty.

I am sure no one can take any action against Pawar as he is so much powerful that same media which fires with AK47 on other Politician don't have guts to talk anything against him. Pawar Shaheb is true politician as he is on his chair from so many years and no one has dare to tell him "please stand up your time is over".

Shree Krishna has told one of his aunt’s Son that his 100 mistakes will be ignored but on 101 Krishna killed him. So Pawar has crossed the mark of 100 long time back let's see the result. Anna Hazare also opposed him for JanLokPal Committee ! Which makes Pawar Shaheb image more worst, when his name are getting link with DB Realty.

"I do hereby declare that whatever I have written above is rumor & I don't have any personal Intention to write anything against Pawar Shaheb."

Don't ask me why I have given above note. When News channels & Political leaders don’t have guts to talk against Pawar Shaheb so Who am I ? Don't want to see my body floating in some Naala of Mumbai.

Jay Pawar

Jay Mahrashtra

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Warning : If any of above word match with truth then it's just

coincidence. (Note for Safety)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Banana and IPL

When I told Banana then don’t get confuse I am just talking about the fruit. In India Nagpur is famous place for the Banana. There was time when Banana was treated as Fruit for Poor. Change is nature of any living creature so for the Banana earlier Banana used to be Green with Black patches. Dikhao Pe Na Jao Apani Akal Lagao so Black patches do not mean it was not tasty. You can eat as many as you want but now with the changing fashion Banana also changed the color.

Banana became very bright with more yellow colors now there are no Black patches on it. I think they use Fair Ness cream but the taste has been changed completely. It doesn’t taste like earlier. I don’t like Banana any more the Fruit of Poor now only for Rich as per his cost.

You can ask me Why are you talking about IPL with Banana ?

“IPL” The Brand was so successful that it leads to change many lives. There was time when Brand Man Lalit Modi was not having time to take break during IPL but now Lalit is out and so the craze of IPL. The Over dos of cricket is also responsible for the same. I am thankful to Anna Hazare for his LokPal movement or News Channels were adding extra Over dos of cricket with news of Dhoni & Co.

IPL became more costly for Auction of players and team but the Taste became poor. People don’t have same craze which they were having earlier for IPL. It’s all due to change of Color.

Let’s hope Banana and IPL will give us same color as earlier soon.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 11 April 2011

Ban and Black Money

There is blanket ban on Guthaka all over Mumbai. You can get the Goa Guthaka of Rs2 now at Rs8. So if you will introduce the ban to it’ll be sold in Black Market. Which’ll give chance to make money to the people without paying any taxes.

Abhishek Singhvi and Arun Jaitely are representing Guthkha companies in to Supreme Court as they don’t want to give chance to other to make money without Taxes . I don’t know why people of India take all the action from other as negative way. Abhi and Arun are fighting on behalf of Guthkah Companies for good cause.

Long time back Abba ban Dance Bars. Does it mean there are no dance bars in city?


Ban on dance bar gave people chance to make money without paying Taxes. Ban on any of the products which are related to Addiction will lead to revenue loss of Government and profit to the particular class of people in to society.

No doubt that chewing Tobacco and Guthkha leads to Cancer but people don’t care till they won’t become victim. Ban on packed tobacco product in plastic is banned but you can have mava and other tobacco products on Pan shop so there is no chance on any point that Ban will help to control cancer it’ll only help to generate black money.

Another example of bank and Black money is PORN. In India watching porn is not allowed legally. You can’t purchase or sale PORN materials but on every local station of Mumbai you will get person selling PORN VCDs & DVDs. You’ll get so many Video Parlor across Mumbai showing PORN movies with poster of Mithun starrer movie on front.

Bans are only helping people to make more Black Money so better make it open with proper license but as we are democratic country and here people criticize Anna Hazare and Gandhi so people over here just condemn the moves of others no matter it’s good or bad.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 7 April 2011

IPL and India against corruption

Chor Chor Mausere Bhai !!

The old hindi proverb. Now when more and more people coming out to support Anna Hazare, Government wants to see the magic of IPL. You can ask me where the proverb fit with Government. It’s very clear IPL is great entertainment game but it’s brain child of Lalit Modi who is running out of India on case like Tax Evasion.but good to see that he is supporting Anna Hazare because he wants that all who are involve in money making business should be punished.(Not only HE)

Our Politician know the pulse of India people and there for they are leading us despite the fact of corruption, scams and Inflation. People were on the Road post 26/11 but nothing changed in voting pattern same UPA came again in power with few more seats.

In 1857 there was revolution against British Government but it failed as there was no proper plan to fight against them and It didn’t take place at same time at all over India. Same story for 26/11 only people of few class came against 26/11.

Now people are united to Fight against corruption and get the Jan LokPal bill approved. But UPA is praying that there should be chase of 250 runs in 20 over today in IPL Match so people should get diverted towards IPL than India against corruption.

Those who are going to watch match at stadium please carry play card to support India against corruption and Anna Hazare so there should be more than JUST ENTERTAINMENT.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Jan Lokpal

The Twitter world is buzzing with the trend of Anna Hazare and Jan

Lokpal. Earlier people were living in villages later on they shifted

to cities and now they are leaving on Internet.

There are so many appeals on Internet to support the "Aan Shan" of

Anna Hazare but we are the country of 1Billion people and there are

many who don't have clean water to drink so forget about access to


Media also leaving no chance to compete with their new rivals...rivals

means I am talking about bloggers, who have power to make voice.

Let's come on fact we need more people on ground to support Anna

Hazare. Bloggers can promote the campaign but real support required

from people of India.

It's very much sure that government is serious with Anna Hazare's Aan

Shan and if not then they should.

Anna Hazare is fighting against corruption. He is giving his life for

people of India so we have to support him to get the justice or else

there will be more 2G scam will come in future and our PM will say due

to coalition government we can't take any action.

In his last press meet PM has promised for action against people

involved in CWG but no action has been taken till date. There is no

coalition Dharma to take action against CWG scam master.

Jan Lokpal will give power to punish all culprits involved in any type of scam.

1Billion people can be reached through various sources like Radio, TV

and Internet. It's time to call the real common man to support the

cause which will directly effect their life.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Ulta Pulta Alliance 2

Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 is not able to do any correct thing on place. The captain of Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 is also not capable to do anything. A Selected leader can’t perform like an elected leader.

India is a country of more than 1Billion people. The strange part of our country & new channels "If Cricket Team of India loss one match then people of India and Media will ask to change the Team, Replace the Captain but continuous failure of Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 never makes any differences on them."

When 26/11 took place it was clear failure of Government. We spent Thousands of crores every year to purchase Arms and Ammunition. We have one of the largest Army in world. We have so many intelligence agency on place but then to few people from Pakistan came and hijacked Mumbai for 48 hours. The sad part Ulta Pulta Alliance won the parliament election and started Series 2.

I have noticed other than Ram Gopal Verma every one made part two after success of Part1. Many of the times Part2 failed to perform like Part1. It's very difficult to assess the Box office collection of Ulta Pulta Alliance Part1 as 2G has taken birth in that time only. Only Ramu and Soniag made part to despite the poor performance of Part I.

Ulta Pulta Alliance is daily coming out with a new scam involving their own ministers directly or Indirectly. There are many incidents which clearly Indicates the poor box office collection of Ulta Pulta Alliance 2. People of India have no issues with failure of Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 as they only get affected when Cricket Team of India lost match.

2G scam helped India to get International presence on Globe. People all over world know about our style of Business. We ask for money to do our duties.

My boss daily asks me for my work report of day. He only wants list of completed task and list of failed task with excuse list which should not have any excuse.

Excuse doesn't work ! Our Prime Minister should learn this from me. Ulta Pulta Alliance 2 failed on various field so he came out with Excuse that there can't not be hard action due to coalition government.

Sir No Excuse. You are running a Country and not sales team so some bank which comes with excuses for low sales in quarter.

I am very sad for me for people of India for whom Cricket Match matters more than growth of them self and country.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 4 April 2011

Lokpal BIll

Corruption will be out one day, however much one may try to conceal it: and the public can as its right and duty, in every case of justifiable suspicion, call its servants to strict account, dismiss them, sue them in a law court, or appoint an arbitrator or inspector to scrutinize their conduct, as it likes.”

- Mahatma Gandhi (1928)

India is one of the corrupt Nations in the world. Our politician and Government servants are making money with their every move. 2G scam, Adarsh Society and CWG are among the Best example of Scams in India. We all can see it’s very difficult to nail a politician in any of cases and most of the time they run free with their Power and Influence.

Lokpal bill is one of the long time pending issues in India. The draft has been severally come across the Parliament and Assembly but due to some or other reason been failed to became Law. Shree Anna Hazare is observing fast from today so government can rapid the process to convert the Draft in to Law.

Lokpal bill will give power to file complaints of corruption against the prime minister, other ministers, and MPs with the ombudsman. As the appointment of Lokpal is no where related to politician so it’s difficult for them to influence the enquiry.

Do you think that a Law will help to reduce the corruption from system? I am very much sure that Lokpal bill has some power due to that only it’s not been approved till date.

There are people in India who are just busy with their own life. There are supports for Lokpal bill on Internet but what is the numbers of people going on ground to support Mr.Hazare and that actually matters.

Corruption starts from ground level. We’ll get the law for Netas but what about Rs.100 bribe to Pandu mama ?


Kamal Upadhyay