Thursday, 3 March 2011

PM Failure

Most of the people of India worship Gandhi ji for his contribution towards freedom of India. Leader is always get praise for good work of his team. People abuse Hitlar because he leads to loss of life on human being in 2nd World War. Hitlar was very good dictator. He was very good leader. He fought for the Germany as there were many taxes on Germany due to 1st World War.

Our Prime Minster Shree Manmohan Singh is very good politician. He is one of the Gems from Master of Economy. We have burnt very little finger in the recession of 2009-10. PM introduced LPG in 1991 and there were many befits of that policy for India.

Shivaji Maharaj fought with the Mugals for integrity and respect of Marthas. Maharshtra and Marthas treat him like God. He deserve to get treated as he made Marthas proud. There are many leaders in history, Who did great job.

Failure is opposite part of success. When a leader fails he can’t blame other for failure. As being Human Being it’s our nature to blame others for failure so our PM did same thing. There are many occasion where our PM failed to control the act of his own people.

PM failures comes from the scams and corruption of 2010. Here are the lsit

1. He failed to control CWG scam despite having information of Toilet roll.

2. He failed to control 2G scam despite having all information about money making of Raja

3. Land reserved for martyrs of Kargil developed and sold to corrupt people of society.

4. Thomas appointed as CVC chief despite his role in corruption issues.

“A Bad Workman Always Quarrels With His Tools”

PM called for a Press meet in last week and told it’s collation due to which he can not take straight action against corruption and scam masters. The sentence it self clearly indicates his capability to handle the PM post. India is paying and bearing the cost of President for no work, now it’s time to bear the cost of PM also for no work.

PM is good economist but he can not be a good leader. PM’s 2nd term in UPA is complete failure. There is strong reason “A person who never won election from public voting can not be a good leader.”

At the end “Hamare vaha jo election ladta hai vo CM banta hai aur Jo nahi ladta vo PM banta hai sirf MAA KA ASHIRVAAD hona chahiye.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

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