Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mobile Networks & Political Parties

we got the freedom to change our mobile operator from Dec-2010. Now we can change our operator keeping our mobile number same. I was very happy the day I came to know about Number Portability.

Like mobile operator we can cast our vote to any of political party keeping my vote secret. When election comes I always use to get confuse. As per all the parties are not up to the mark but then to I

have vote to least corrupt.

I am going to cast my vote this time to Baba Ramdev's party. He should also get chance to make the changes.

You will ask me Kamal what is connection between Political Parties & Mobile Operator ? One thing is similar between Political Party & Mobile Operator that you have to choose someone there is no second


In Maharashtra election I gave my vote to MNS as rest of the parties from my constituency were not up to the mark so instead of not giving vote I gave my vote MNS.

I am using VodafoneIn from last several years. There are rumors about strong network of vodafone but I am not happy with their connection. When you travel by train from Dadar to Churchgate, I always get call

drop at Mumbai Central. This call drop scenario is there from last 2years.

VodafoneIn is also offering 1GB surfing in Rs100 pack but you can’t use even the 500MB due to network connection. When I complaint to VodafoneIn they told it's due to their repair work to convert the

network in 3G. As being vodafone user I truly believe though there are issues but we can rate them like least corrupt party to vote.

So I am continuing with vodafone as no choice with me and you also keep voting one of the party as no choice with you.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

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