Friday, 11 March 2011


Lalit Modi created a well known brand. We all know about that brand which became super success all over India & World.

Lalit Modi = IPL (Entertainment Ka Baap)

In 2008 Lalit Modi the commissioner of IPL started the promotion of IPL. It started with the Auction of 8Team. Auction it self was successful but even section of society was not sure about the return of money.

Lalit Modi used his full effort so IPL should take place with Grand opening. IPL matches and telecast changed the calculation of Prime Time channels, which made IPL super hit.

Success of IPL only goes to Lalit Modi. His skills made IPL such a big event.

Mano - Ranjan ke Pitajee tag line became true after the Mega event of IPL.

In IPL2 our then Home Minister refused to provide security to the IPL event due to which Modi changed the venue to South Africa at last moment again the section of the society started talking negative about IPL but Modi made IPL2 mega hit in south africa.

IPL3 came back to India. IPL3 was as successful as IPL1 & IPL2. IPL became such big & great event which leads to attention from other Powerful Section of society. Suddenly game of entertainment turned in to money making machine and controversies.

Lalit Modi announced addition of 2 Teams in IPL4. He published Kochi share pattern on his twitter account which leads to big controversies and resignation of Shashi Tharoor from his external affair minister post.

Lalit Modi came under scanner of Income Tax department due to irregularities of money. Later on he has been suspended from his IPL commissioner post by BCCI.

Now we are going to see the IPL4 without Lalit Modi. I have big doubt that IPL4 will turn like CWG.

I don't want to talk about financial benefits of Lalit Modi but he gave people chance to enjoy Cricket in different flavor. I am very much confident that Modi must have made CWG mega event like IPL.

Every Coin use to have two sides but when 1st side is so good and so strong what is the need to look for 2nd side.

Let's pray Lalit Modi will be out from all charges and IPL4 will entertain people like IPL I,II & III matches.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

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