Thursday, 24 March 2011


Ok so finally Dhoni & company red my blog and played well against Oz.

There are people on social networking who are demanding wednesday as

National Holiday so they can watch India V/S Pakistan.

I was sure about the India's victory today & it got confirm when

Sachin get out. Youraaj 50 made it locked.

"Dhalta suraj dhire dhire Dhalta hai Dhal jayega" so Oz was winning &

dominating Cricket from long time and finally they are out like Ekta

Kapur's serial.

India is going to play against Pakistan on wednesday at Mohali and

that will be real match of tournament.

Entire world wants to see how the Asian Cricket Tigers will fight with

each other.

Bookies have opened the rate and there will be huge turnover of Money

on Wednesday.

No doubt India is fixed for Final this time but there will be tough

fight between India & Pakistan on wednesday.

India is going to play with same 11 players on wednesday. India has

history of winning against Pakistan in world cup and we all know that

History is not going to change.

Everyone on Twitter is happy and so I am. I saw 1st match of this

world cup and India won the match so I am going to watch next two

matches also.

I have declared long time ago that India will play against SA at

Wankhede so I am just one step away and after that I will be greater

than Octopus.

Wish you all the Best Team India. Pakistan should drink tea in plate

as we are going to get World Cup.

Kamal Upadhyay,

Doing Kamaal

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