Thursday, 31 March 2011

India - Cricket - Religion

India - Cricket - Religion

"A India ka cricket hai boss

Chauka laga to tali bidu

Out hua to gali bidu"

India will play final against SriLanka on saturday. India won over

Pakistan in semi.

We can see all the Indians and all the News channels are doing "Jay

Ho" of Team India. These are same people who abused Team India when

they were out before Quarter final round in last word cup.

I am very much sure News Channel keeps two type scripts ready for their

News on cricket. If India will win match then script A and If India

will loss then Script B.

Aam aadmi follow what news says and the sport is like religion for them.

Thank you world cup as you gave publicity to some cheap model, Who is going

to strip down if India will win.

I am going to kill myself after India will win. Don't worry I am not

serious. It's just a line for another cheap stunt man.

There are message which say the match is against Ravan and Ram. Ram

will win. Don't know which script writer draft these messages for


The fight between Ram and Ravan was for Satya and Dharma. Where as The

match between India and SriLanka is for Title,Money and Fame. It's

people who connect them self as Wanar Sena.

Sport should be treated like sport or it'll leads to various losses

with time for crickters as well as for people.

Let's hope India will win against Lanka on saturday and people can

enjoy good cricket.

At the last why there is tax exemption on world cup revenue to ICC ?

Tax exemption to profit making body ?

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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