Monday, 7 March 2011

DMK - UPA - Congress

From almost last 15years DMK was part of every central government. Forthem party doesn't matter. What matters is creamy post.

We all know creamy posts are dye to make money so why we are so surprised with 2G scam ?

Ok....ok....we were expecting the scam of thousands crores like other ministers were doing in past...Raja gave us Jor Ka Jhatka from his 176thousand crore scam.

State elections are around corner and everyone wants to make their best effort to get best seats to fight election on as many seats possible.

We have the biggest problem in democracy? Anyone can form a party to contest election but they form party & negotiate with national party for support & coalition.

We all know Karunas family involvement in 2G scam. As media and our Honorable Supreme Court is looking for 2G probe result so our government have no options than booking guilty.

Ek Jalebi Tail Mai....Raja Gaya Jail Mai !! The Quote can be extended for Karunanidhi's family also so prevention is better than cure.

Before investigating agency knock the door. DMK played their last move. If DMK withdraw the support then to nothing will happen to UPA. There are many more in market to sale their seats. But it's difficult

for Congress to survive in state election without DMK.

Raja will be out once the parliament session will over. Raja won't go bank into jail after coming out as many scam masters are running free.

Don't look for chance to vote again as nothing will happen to UPA & DMK too don't have too many option.

Everyone is free to make party and everyone is free to charge for support.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

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