Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dhoni & Excuse

We have seen many times Dhoni & team played very nice which leads to many victory to India. We are also expecting to win World Cup for Sachin Tendulkar. Let's me remind you it's almost same team which failed to qualify for Super Eight round in last World Cup.

It's open truth for all cricket world that India has lack of good bowler. We know our team can bat well but can’t bowl well.

The way we performed with Bangladesh and England. I don't see India team anywhere in Semi Final. We can go to Super Eight ?

Here the excuses from Dhoni after loss of match.

1. Opposition Batsman played very well

2. Opposition bowler played very well

3. Opposition fielded very well

4. Opposition team played very well

5. We came batting first and there were Lots of swing in field for

first three hours

It's not surprising to hear Dhoni as being an Indian he can always praise or blame others. He didn't accept in single statement that Indian team has lack of bowler.

Let's come to focal point as being in Indian Team all the players have signed lots of contract of commercials products. Win or loss of match doesn’t affect anyone of them money wise. It's people of India who want to win every match or ready to destroy their TV set.

We are not in era of Kapil Dev where cricketers where playing to win match for country. Our present team plays the cricket so they can sign good contracts to earn money.

We have number of cricketers in our present team who have made life time money for their 7 generation in last few years.

If India has to win match then they have to play for country than commercial products.

Let's hope India will win World Cup. Let's also hope they will go in Super Eight.

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

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