Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bollywood Award Scam

We are nation of scam. We can say proudly about our history of scam from PM Jawahrlal Nehru to PM Manmohan Sing. We believe scams take place to make money but there are many more industries for scam. Long time back Aamir Khan opted out from Award ceremony of Bollywood Industries. There were rumors that Big hairy actor got the award due to his direct connection with Jury. There are many awards ceremony for 2010 in last few days.

We can see clearly that those Actors are performing or hosting the show got award. As different actor was performing in different show so winner was different. Every Business Company has own segment of awards. I am very much agree with Aamir that these awards are fixed & pre decided.

Here are reasons for disappointment

Dabbang - movies was one of superhit of 2010 but got awards in few category only. No doubt Kashyap deserves to be Best Director of the year and movie should be Best movie of the year in all award ceremony. Salman didn't perform in many shows so despite giving Superhit no awards in kitty.

Ishqiya - Vishal produced great movie with all flavor. Nashir Shaheb, Vidya,Arshad and dil to baccha hai jee was outstanding. Vishal only got award for best song. I have never seen Nashir Shaheb in award function and seriously vidya is not an item girl to dance as she is Actor so no awards for Vishal.

Peepli Live - Aamir produced a solid Media and political satire in his movie but yes Natth can’t dance and Aamir will never come to dance so there were hardly awards to movie.

Ravaan - Mani's film didn't work on box office but Veera was one of best back ground music of the year.

My Name Is Khan - Karan and SRK won awards in many categories as SRK was dancing everywhere and KJO was hoisting show many time.

Kites - Rohan Uncle also got award in one Award function as Hrithik was performing.

Golmaal - Rohit was the biggest victim of Bollywood award scam. His movie was big hit but Ajay don't dance in award function so he didn't get his awards. In stardust he clearly told that Ajay don't dance so being hit also his movie didn't get award.

There are many more reasons to believe on fixing of awards. No doubt Nattha was big debut and made impact on everyone but various other person got the award.

I know that no one from Bollywood will get agree with me as they always pretend to be big family. There are always issues in family so in Bollywood. There are many family members in Bollywood who celebrates loss of others than their own success.

I request all award viewers please don't trust on winner and if you want to enjoy then enjoy SRK's cheap jokes like

Jab ek ladki tumhara pav chhune jhukegi to tume kya dikhega if she is wearing low cut tshirt.

And kiski kiski wife Gauri (Gori) hai.

Thank you Aamir not being part of Bollywood Scam Award.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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