Thursday, 31 March 2011

India - Cricket - Religion

India - Cricket - Religion

"A India ka cricket hai boss

Chauka laga to tali bidu

Out hua to gali bidu"

India will play final against SriLanka on saturday. India won over

Pakistan in semi.

We can see all the Indians and all the News channels are doing "Jay

Ho" of Team India. These are same people who abused Team India when

they were out before Quarter final round in last word cup.

I am very much sure News Channel keeps two type scripts ready for their

News on cricket. If India will win match then script A and If India

will loss then Script B.

Aam aadmi follow what news says and the sport is like religion for them.

Thank you world cup as you gave publicity to some cheap model, Who is going

to strip down if India will win.

I am going to kill myself after India will win. Don't worry I am not

serious. It's just a line for another cheap stunt man.

There are message which say the match is against Ravan and Ram. Ram

will win. Don't know which script writer draft these messages for


The fight between Ram and Ravan was for Satya and Dharma. Where as The

match between India and SriLanka is for Title,Money and Fame. It's

people who connect them self as Wanar Sena.

Sport should be treated like sport or it'll leads to various losses

with time for crickters as well as for people.

Let's hope India will win against Lanka on saturday and people can

enjoy good cricket.

At the last why there is tax exemption on world cup revenue to ICC ?

Tax exemption to profit making body ?

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Ok so finally Dhoni & company red my blog and played well against Oz.

There are people on social networking who are demanding wednesday as

National Holiday so they can watch India V/S Pakistan.

I was sure about the India's victory today & it got confirm when

Sachin get out. Youraaj 50 made it locked.

"Dhalta suraj dhire dhire Dhalta hai Dhal jayega" so Oz was winning &

dominating Cricket from long time and finally they are out like Ekta

Kapur's serial.

India is going to play against Pakistan on wednesday at Mohali and

that will be real match of tournament.

Entire world wants to see how the Asian Cricket Tigers will fight with

each other.

Bookies have opened the rate and there will be huge turnover of Money

on Wednesday.

No doubt India is fixed for Final this time but there will be tough

fight between India & Pakistan on wednesday.

India is going to play with same 11 players on wednesday. India has

history of winning against Pakistan in world cup and we all know that

History is not going to change.

Everyone on Twitter is happy and so I am. I saw 1st match of this

world cup and India won the match so I am going to watch next two

matches also.

I have declared long time ago that India will play against SA at

Wankhede so I am just one step away and after that I will be greater

than Octopus.

Wish you all the Best Team India. Pakistan should drink tea in plate

as we are going to get World Cup.

Kamal Upadhyay,

Doing Kamaal

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


H2O that’s what I know about the water as it was formula in my class 4th Science book. Water is one of the important elements for human life. Water covers 70% of the earth surface area. Our earth is full of water but the Fresh water available to Human Being is not more than 3% in that also some of the parts go to the glaciers and ice bergs.

Fresh Water shortage is going to be one of the biggest issue in future as well as Ocean water increase will be second biggest issue. Fresh water needs to be used for Human life and other creatures but we are using it to make cola drinks and many other places where it’s getting polluted.

Water needs to be take care of like we are taking the care of our house. We should not keep tap running when there is no use. We should not avoid paying Rs.100 to plumber to repair the leakage of water pipe line.

“JAL HEE JEEVAN HAI” This is the line which comes from our Vedas and Shastra. Without water no life is possible and the this Youg i.e Kalyoug will get over due to Water. We are facing the shortage of water and excess of water. I mean to say shortage of Fresh Water and Excess of Sea water.

रहिमन पानी राखिये बिन पानी सब सुन !

पानी गए ना ऊबरे मोती मानुष चुन !!

Rahiman told that water is important for everyone. Without water everything will be useless so the meaning of Panni over here is different but for time being we can say without water MOTI,CHUNAA and MANUSH won't be able to do anything.


Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 17 March 2011


I don't like when people of India blame my dear WikiLeaks-PM-MMS for all scam and corruption.

If there is CWG Scam - WikiLeaks-PM-MMS should answer.

If there is Adarsh - WikiLeaks-PM-MMS should answer.

If there is 2G - WikiLeaks-PM-MMS should answer.

If there is ISHRO - WikiLeaks-PM-MMS should answer.

If there is CVC Appointment - WikiLeaks-PM-MMS should answer.

If there is vote for cash - WikiLeaks-PM-MMS should answer.

There are so many leak in UPA2 so I changed the name of our PM-MMS to 

I request you all not to blame our WikiLeaks-PM-MMS for every act done by UPA or their subordinates.

WikiLeaks-PM-MMS is very good person. He was happy with his life but suddenly he was selected for post of PM of India by G. Bechaare sidhe sadhe aadmi ko PM bana diya to isame uski kya galti.

We all know WikiLeaks-PM-MMS never played major role in decision 
making of UPA. We can not blame rubber stamp if it has punched wrong date. Master set the date rubber stamp only punch.

Please don't say anything to WikiLeaks-PM-MMS. His story became like 
MMS of ragini. Everyone wants to enjoy but no one wants to help. Sorry WikiLeaks-PM-MMS, I can not help you as I am only 24 so can not take your sit of PM.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Japan - Tsunami - Earthquake

One of the movie I saw by Kamal Hashan which was about the Tsunami in India few years back. As per the movie there was bio chemical attack on human life and to avoid that effect there was need of lot’s of salt. When the entire human life was about to die, Tsunami came and only few people died and rest of life have been saved by Nature (God).

Tsunami took lot’s of life in Japan but it can be taken as view that most of life get saved due to that Tsunami. I strongly believe that death of Human Being for any of reason is not justified.

What we can learn from all these natural disaster that We should not exploit nature with such speed which will dis-balance the recycle system. Nature work on very simple law i.e whatever taken from nature will go back to nature.

As per Hindu veda’s the life on earth will finish due to excess water on surface. We are already facing global warming and periodical Tsunami and floods. Ground Water level is going down every passing day and Sea water level is increasing. Due to our exploitation the recycle has been disturbed and Nature is creating trouble for life on earth.

We can not do anything thing for the people of Japan as than Pray. But we should stop exploitation of nature as much as possible and slow down our growth in fields which is not required, means for thing which are not really imported for life.

We don’t know which part of the earth will be next victim of another Natural Disaster.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dhoni and Company warning

Dhoni and Company warning to you.... Play well or we’ll cross the limit as we are crazy about the cricket.

Cricket & India People say Indians are crazy about cricket.below are 10reason why Indians are so crazy about cricket.

1.Indians always liked IMPORTED things & Cricket is not an Indian game.

2.Indians are crazy about football also where we don't have Indian team at least over here we have our team to play cricket.

3.Every new born baby gets bat & ball as 1st toy & his 1st dream to be Sachin Tendulkar.

4.Cricket is game which is on TV for all 12months so people don't have option.

5.From the birth children play cricket so they only know cricket.

6.Promotion of cricket is too much than any other game.

7.Every Indian can connect him self with cricket as they also know how to play .

8.Cricket is game which does not require any special skill if you can run then you can play cricket.

9.India lost World cup & did not qualify for super eight our BCCI president got sentimental & told that there is need to change team but nothing happened.

10.As Indian only spent money on cricket and cricket is only game where they win. we only like game when we win. If you are not agree with my reason then send me email on You too can write that why do you like cricket. 14th Player of my local gully team.

I strongly believe that India will go up to semi round as there were huge revenue loss last time when India failed to qualify for the Super Eight. So no one in ICC want more loss.(hope you got my point?)

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 11 March 2011


Lalit Modi created a well known brand. We all know about that brand which became super success all over India & World.

Lalit Modi = IPL (Entertainment Ka Baap)

In 2008 Lalit Modi the commissioner of IPL started the promotion of IPL. It started with the Auction of 8Team. Auction it self was successful but even section of society was not sure about the return of money.

Lalit Modi used his full effort so IPL should take place with Grand opening. IPL matches and telecast changed the calculation of Prime Time channels, which made IPL super hit.

Success of IPL only goes to Lalit Modi. His skills made IPL such a big event.

Mano - Ranjan ke Pitajee tag line became true after the Mega event of IPL.

In IPL2 our then Home Minister refused to provide security to the IPL event due to which Modi changed the venue to South Africa at last moment again the section of the society started talking negative about IPL but Modi made IPL2 mega hit in south africa.

IPL3 came back to India. IPL3 was as successful as IPL1 & IPL2. IPL became such big & great event which leads to attention from other Powerful Section of society. Suddenly game of entertainment turned in to money making machine and controversies.

Lalit Modi announced addition of 2 Teams in IPL4. He published Kochi share pattern on his twitter account which leads to big controversies and resignation of Shashi Tharoor from his external affair minister post.

Lalit Modi came under scanner of Income Tax department due to irregularities of money. Later on he has been suspended from his IPL commissioner post by BCCI.

Now we are going to see the IPL4 without Lalit Modi. I have big doubt that IPL4 will turn like CWG.

I don't want to talk about financial benefits of Lalit Modi but he gave people chance to enjoy Cricket in different flavor. I am very much confident that Modi must have made CWG mega event like IPL.

Every Coin use to have two sides but when 1st side is so good and so strong what is the need to look for 2nd side.

Let's pray Lalit Modi will be out from all charges and IPL4 will entertain people like IPL I,II & III matches.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Libya Freedom

Col. Muammar el-Gaddafi sized the power of Libya in 1969. Libya, an oil rich nation in North Africa is ruled by him from such long time. We have seen in democracy also Many of Leaders have allotted their post to their Family Members. So Gaddafi is looting the Libya from 4 decades. Human Rights have no value in Libya.

If you are in good term with Gaddafi you are free to do anything. You can kill people or all the other acts which are direct violation of Human Rights. A common man has no value in Libya and they can not practice the in right way. So therefore many cities including Tripoli are facing the battle between Gadaffi and anti government people.

You can get the justice from people who trust the practice of Human Rights. Gaddafi doesn’t care for the people. Like many other dictators he only cares for his power. Gaddafi’s forces are killing the undermanned and ill-equipped rebel army.

International pressure needs to be created so there can not be more deaths of the citizen of Libya. Freedom should be main right for any of the human being in the world so for the people of Libya. International presence needs to be required in Libya for the justice for the people of Libya.

Indian Media is covering Libya exclusively despite we are having mega event like Worl Cup. News Papers and channels of India are clearly taking a stand on behalf of the People of Libya. Every passing day is taking the life of the common man of Libya.

Let’s hope soon Libya will be free from Gaddafi. People of Libya will elect their representative to lead the development of country.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Mobile Networks & Political Parties

we got the freedom to change our mobile operator from Dec-2010. Now we can change our operator keeping our mobile number same. I was very happy the day I came to know about Number Portability.

Like mobile operator we can cast our vote to any of political party keeping my vote secret. When election comes I always use to get confuse. As per all the parties are not up to the mark but then to I

have vote to least corrupt.

I am going to cast my vote this time to Baba Ramdev's party. He should also get chance to make the changes.

You will ask me Kamal what is connection between Political Parties & Mobile Operator ? One thing is similar between Political Party & Mobile Operator that you have to choose someone there is no second


In Maharashtra election I gave my vote to MNS as rest of the parties from my constituency were not up to the mark so instead of not giving vote I gave my vote MNS.

I am using VodafoneIn from last several years. There are rumors about strong network of vodafone but I am not happy with their connection. When you travel by train from Dadar to Churchgate, I always get call

drop at Mumbai Central. This call drop scenario is there from last 2years.

VodafoneIn is also offering 1GB surfing in Rs100 pack but you can’t use even the 500MB due to network connection. When I complaint to VodafoneIn they told it's due to their repair work to convert the

network in 3G. As being vodafone user I truly believe though there are issues but we can rate them like least corrupt party to vote.

So I am continuing with vodafone as no choice with me and you also keep voting one of the party as no choice with you.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Monday, 7 March 2011

DMK - UPA - Congress

From almost last 15years DMK was part of every central government. Forthem party doesn't matter. What matters is creamy post.

We all know creamy posts are dye to make money so why we are so surprised with 2G scam ?

Ok....ok....we were expecting the scam of thousands crores like other ministers were doing in past...Raja gave us Jor Ka Jhatka from his 176thousand crore scam.

State elections are around corner and everyone wants to make their best effort to get best seats to fight election on as many seats possible.

We have the biggest problem in democracy? Anyone can form a party to contest election but they form party & negotiate with national party for support & coalition.

We all know Karunas family involvement in 2G scam. As media and our Honorable Supreme Court is looking for 2G probe result so our government have no options than booking guilty.

Ek Jalebi Tail Mai....Raja Gaya Jail Mai !! The Quote can be extended for Karunanidhi's family also so prevention is better than cure.

Before investigating agency knock the door. DMK played their last move. If DMK withdraw the support then to nothing will happen to UPA. There are many more in market to sale their seats. But it's difficult

for Congress to survive in state election without DMK.

Raja will be out once the parliament session will over. Raja won't go bank into jail after coming out as many scam masters are running free.

Don't look for chance to vote again as nothing will happen to UPA & DMK too don't have too many option.

Everyone is free to make party and everyone is free to charge for support.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Bollywood Award Scam

We are nation of scam. We can say proudly about our history of scam from PM Jawahrlal Nehru to PM Manmohan Sing. We believe scams take place to make money but there are many more industries for scam. Long time back Aamir Khan opted out from Award ceremony of Bollywood Industries. There were rumors that Big hairy actor got the award due to his direct connection with Jury. There are many awards ceremony for 2010 in last few days.

We can see clearly that those Actors are performing or hosting the show got award. As different actor was performing in different show so winner was different. Every Business Company has own segment of awards. I am very much agree with Aamir that these awards are fixed & pre decided.

Here are reasons for disappointment

Dabbang - movies was one of superhit of 2010 but got awards in few category only. No doubt Kashyap deserves to be Best Director of the year and movie should be Best movie of the year in all award ceremony. Salman didn't perform in many shows so despite giving Superhit no awards in kitty.

Ishqiya - Vishal produced great movie with all flavor. Nashir Shaheb, Vidya,Arshad and dil to baccha hai jee was outstanding. Vishal only got award for best song. I have never seen Nashir Shaheb in award function and seriously vidya is not an item girl to dance as she is Actor so no awards for Vishal.

Peepli Live - Aamir produced a solid Media and political satire in his movie but yes Natth can’t dance and Aamir will never come to dance so there were hardly awards to movie.

Ravaan - Mani's film didn't work on box office but Veera was one of best back ground music of the year.

My Name Is Khan - Karan and SRK won awards in many categories as SRK was dancing everywhere and KJO was hoisting show many time.

Kites - Rohan Uncle also got award in one Award function as Hrithik was performing.

Golmaal - Rohit was the biggest victim of Bollywood award scam. His movie was big hit but Ajay don't dance in award function so he didn't get his awards. In stardust he clearly told that Ajay don't dance so being hit also his movie didn't get award.

There are many more reasons to believe on fixing of awards. No doubt Nattha was big debut and made impact on everyone but various other person got the award.

I know that no one from Bollywood will get agree with me as they always pretend to be big family. There are always issues in family so in Bollywood. There are many family members in Bollywood who celebrates loss of others than their own success.

I request all award viewers please don't trust on winner and if you want to enjoy then enjoy SRK's cheap jokes like

Jab ek ladki tumhara pav chhune jhukegi to tume kya dikhega if she is wearing low cut tshirt.

And kiski kiski wife Gauri (Gori) hai.

Thank you Aamir not being part of Bollywood Scam Award.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 4 March 2011

Bombay - Mumbai - My Take

Bombay was group of seven islands comprising Colaba, Mazagaon, Old Woman's Island, Wadala, Mahim, Parel, and Matunga-Sion formed a part of the kingdom of Ashoka the Great of Magadh, ironically in North India .

The Bhaiyas and Biharis whom the Thackerays accuse of being outsiders in Mumbai, come from the region, which was a part of Ashoka the Great's empire.. We judge everything according to history and the history of Mumbaiproves that its earliest known ownership was with a North Indian.

The seven islands of Mumbai passed through many hands, the sultans of Gujarat , the Portuguese and the British. Every ruler left behind proof of residence in Mumbai.

Those ruled Bombay gave their contribution towards development of Bombay.

Mauryans Constructed Kanheri, Mahakali and the caves of Gharapuri more popularly called Elephanta. The sultans of Gujarat gave the Dargahs at Mahim and Haji Ali, the Portuguese built the two Portuguese churches, one at Prabhadevi and the other St Andrews at Bandra.

They built forts at Sion, Mahim, Bandra and Bassien. The Portuguese named the group of seven Islands 'Bom Baia', Good Bay . The British built a city out of the group of seven islands and called her Bombay .

The original settlers of the seven islands, the Koli fishermen, worshiped Mumbaidevi, her temple still stands at Babulnath near Chowpatty. The Kolis called the island Mumbai, 'Mumba, Mother Goddess'.

Parsi contributed their best part for the development of Bombay. There are many Parasi businessmen who constructed the boon of business at Bombay.

Gerald Aungier, Governor of Bombay built the Bombay Castle, an area that is even today referred to as Fort. He also constituted the Courts of law. He brought Gujarati traders, Parsi shipbuilders, Muslim and Hindu manufacturers from the mainland and settled them in Bombay .

It was during a period of four decades that the city of Bombay took shape. Reclamation was done to plug the breach at Worli and Mahalakshmi, Hornby Vellard was built in 1784. The Sion Causeway connecting Bombay to Salsette was built in 1803. Colaba Causeway connecting Colaba island to Bombay was built in 1838. A causeway connecting Mahim and Bandra was built in 1845.

Lady Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, the wife of the First Baronet Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy donated Rs 1, 57,000 to meet construction costs of the causeway.Today Mumbaikars have to pay Rs 75 to use the Bandra-Worli Sealink.

Jamshedji Wadia founded the Bombay Port Trust and built the Princess Dock in 1885 and the Victoria Dock and the Mereweather Dry Docks in 1891. Alexandra Dock was built in 1914.

A Gujarati civil engineer supervised the building of the Gateway of India . The Tatas made Bombay their headquarters and gave it the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel and India 's first civilian airlines, Air India . The Godrejs gave India its first vegetarian soap.

Cowasji Nanabhai Daver established Bombay's first cotton mill, 'The Bombay Spinning Mills' in 1854. By 1915, there were 83 textile mills in Bombay largely owned by Indians.

This brought about a financial boom in Bombay . Although the mills were owned by Gujaratis, Kutchis, Parsis and Marwaris, the workforce was migrant Mahrashtrians from rural Maharashtra . Premchand Roychand, a prosperous Gujarati broker founded the Bombay Stock Exchange. Premchand Roychand donated Rs 2,00,000 to build the Rajabai Tower in 1878.

Migrants from every part of India have also contributed handsomely to Mumbai.

Mumbai is built on the blood and sweat of all Indians. That is why Bombay belongs to all Indians.

Apart from its original inhabitants, the Kolis, everyone else in Mumbai, including Thackeray's 'Marathi Manoos', are immigrants.

The "Mumbai for Marathi Manoos" war cry has once again been raised to shore up the sagging political fortunes of the Thackeray family.

When the Shiv Sena-BJP combine came to power in 1993, under the guise of reverting to the original name they replaced Bombay with Mumbai. Chnage of name that the only think our Political party can do well. We to give respect them for construction of Flyovers all over Mumbai.

I wonder when they will discard the anglicized Thackeray and revert back to their original Marathi surname Thakre?

Those who making the noise about Mumbai today have only contributed hate and violence towards Mumbai. Bombay was part of Saurashtra before 1961 and it came to Maharashtra later on. We the people of India developed Mumbai and not some SENA. We should respect the culture of Mumbai but same time we should respect the humanity. We can not just beat Taxi Wala because he came from out side.

Mumbai belongs to people of India. Mumbai in getting the rapid growth of outsiders. Outsiders means anyone who came out of Mumbai either from Maharashtra or rest part of country. Government should speed up their planning for development of Mumbai to balance the growth.

Human is one of best surplus resource we have with us. If things can be planed well they it'll leads to development. There are many countries and cities in the world having largest density than Mumbai but they have manged the pace with rapid development of Infrastructure.

So don't beat people and help to make development of Infrastructure.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay,

Your view can change life so have a view.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

PM Failure

Most of the people of India worship Gandhi ji for his contribution towards freedom of India. Leader is always get praise for good work of his team. People abuse Hitlar because he leads to loss of life on human being in 2nd World War. Hitlar was very good dictator. He was very good leader. He fought for the Germany as there were many taxes on Germany due to 1st World War.

Our Prime Minster Shree Manmohan Singh is very good politician. He is one of the Gems from Master of Economy. We have burnt very little finger in the recession of 2009-10. PM introduced LPG in 1991 and there were many befits of that policy for India.

Shivaji Maharaj fought with the Mugals for integrity and respect of Marthas. Maharshtra and Marthas treat him like God. He deserve to get treated as he made Marthas proud. There are many leaders in history, Who did great job.

Failure is opposite part of success. When a leader fails he can’t blame other for failure. As being Human Being it’s our nature to blame others for failure so our PM did same thing. There are many occasion where our PM failed to control the act of his own people.

PM failures comes from the scams and corruption of 2010. Here are the lsit

1. He failed to control CWG scam despite having information of Toilet roll.

2. He failed to control 2G scam despite having all information about money making of Raja

3. Land reserved for martyrs of Kargil developed and sold to corrupt people of society.

4. Thomas appointed as CVC chief despite his role in corruption issues.

“A Bad Workman Always Quarrels With His Tools”

PM called for a Press meet in last week and told it’s collation due to which he can not take straight action against corruption and scam masters. The sentence it self clearly indicates his capability to handle the PM post. India is paying and bearing the cost of President for no work, now it’s time to bear the cost of PM also for no work.

PM is good economist but he can not be a good leader. PM’s 2nd term in UPA is complete failure. There is strong reason “A person who never won election from public voting can not be a good leader.”

At the end “Hamare vaha jo election ladta hai vo CM banta hai aur Jo nahi ladta vo PM banta hai sirf MAA KA ASHIRVAAD hona chahiye.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Scam Committee

When we talk about scam, CWG , 2G and Adarsh knock our mind. We all know that probe wil continue with few retired officers of government to get the extended benefits to for their hard work towards our politician.

I also want to be part of some probe committee which will probe the issue for next 10years. There are lots of benefits of being a part of probe committee. We can enjoy security, car, power and many more things.

We have good experience from our past that most of the committees report has been thrown in dustbin. Whenever we have scam government appoint new committee. We have unemployment of 10%. Why are we wasting our time and money on retire people.

Do let me know who selects the person for the scam probe committee. Is there any transparent process to select probe committee who are going to deal with power full Netas and huge money. Why government is spending so many lacs of probe committee when we have CBI which is nothing but a probe committee appointed by ruling government.

We need result than committee.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dhoni & Excuse

We have seen many times Dhoni & team played very nice which leads to many victory to India. We are also expecting to win World Cup for Sachin Tendulkar. Let's me remind you it's almost same team which failed to qualify for Super Eight round in last World Cup.

It's open truth for all cricket world that India has lack of good bowler. We know our team can bat well but can’t bowl well.

The way we performed with Bangladesh and England. I don't see India team anywhere in Semi Final. We can go to Super Eight ?

Here the excuses from Dhoni after loss of match.

1. Opposition Batsman played very well

2. Opposition bowler played very well

3. Opposition fielded very well

4. Opposition team played very well

5. We came batting first and there were Lots of swing in field for

first three hours

It's not surprising to hear Dhoni as being an Indian he can always praise or blame others. He didn't accept in single statement that Indian team has lack of bowler.

Let's come to focal point as being in Indian Team all the players have signed lots of contract of commercials products. Win or loss of match doesn’t affect anyone of them money wise. It's people of India who want to win every match or ready to destroy their TV set.

We are not in era of Kapil Dev where cricketers where playing to win match for country. Our present team plays the cricket so they can sign good contracts to earn money.

We have number of cricketers in our present team who have made life time money for their 7 generation in last few years.

If India has to win match then they have to play for country than commercial products.

Let's hope India will win World Cup. Let's also hope they will go in Super Eight.

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.