Saturday, 19 February 2011

World Cup - India

So finally World Cup has started from today !

As World Cup is taking place in Asia so everyone associated with it

will earn a lot. We the people of India, Srilanka, Pakistan and

Bagladesh are crazy for cricket. For us cricket is religion not a


Nice to see that dhoni who played & leaded India in so many matches.

same dhoni who won 1st T20 world cup with new people like Joginder

Sharma will win World Cup for the people of India.

My dear friend Dhoni please read next line carefully "In india cricket

is religion and people treat crickters like God & they can't see that

their god has lost. We the Indian only want to win" so same people who

treat you like GOD will throw you down with your one wrong move.

We don't have much good bowlers then to I salute Dhoni who is leading

India from last few years only with Bats man. We got few bowlers but

they don't have consistency.

Don't worry boys in case you will lose the matches then don't worry in

few days you have to play IPL T20 "Entertainment ka Baap"

Win & Loss are part of game. Sometimes you will lose sometimes you

will win..We don't want you to always win but we don't want to lose as

you lost in Last world Cup.

Let me tell you in India people can't shout for their problems but

they will kill people when it comes on religion. So you all

BCCI/COACH/PLAYERS respect the religion or people won't respect you.

Go and win the World Cup.

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

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