Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"Don't Pay Tax"

Budget is around the corner and everyone is looking for more tax relief. We all were expecting more indirect taxes with this budget as this one is only easiest way for government to collect the taxes from general public.

As we all know 2010 was year of scams. Scams leads to believe us that whatever taxes government is collecting from us is going into the pocket of scam masters. Income Tax department is also looking for many politicians who have net worth of more than crores and they don’t have PAN number.

Most of our politicians are farmers. There are many big names who have net worth of Millions and they are legally have the status of farmer. They are many tax breaks for our farmer who are committing suicide but on other hand there Farmers who are having Sugar Mills of crores to take the benefit.

What do people learn from all scam & corruption from politician ?

If you won't pay Tax then IT department will knock your door. All Indian should pay Tax for development of infrastructure, education etc in India.

Why we should not pay Tax ?

1.All the politician are getting malamaal with tax money. We are paying for growth & they are using money for their growth.

2.Never heard that Big politician of any party got notice U/s 142.

3.Government is spending crores of money to protect Ajmal Kasab who killed so many people.

4."CWG" thousand crores rupees pumped for development of sports village at delhi but they only purchased toilet roll of Rs4000 to clear the butt that to rejected by players.

5.When Pakistan was not accepting flood aid from India. Government sent the aid via UN. To make our image better on Global Platform we are helping Pak. Who knows the same aid can be used to make one more 26/11 like war on India.

6.Tonnes of food grains are rotting but government can't distribute the same free of cost to poor people.

7.Why should people earning few lacs pay tax when politician earning crores of rupees getting exempt their income as agriculture income.

8.Corporates are doing hard work and making money & many of politician party making money just from their vote bank game.

9.Government is purchasing instruments for security personnel but no one is there to handle the equipments.

10.We are responsible for all corruption by paying tax so better not to pay.

If you are agree with me & don't want pay tax than earn black money or

else get ready to receive notice u/s 142.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay,

Your view can change life so have a view.

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