Friday, 4 February 2011

My letter to Mr.Mubarak of Egypt

I have written a letter to Hoshni Mubarak in last week.he sent me reply today. I am posting the brief of the letter.

Dear Mr.Mubarak,

I am very much fine in India and hope you are also fine in Egypt. In last week I received a letter from one of my friend living in Egypt. He told he is not happy with life of Egypt as he can not do anything with freedom.

I know you are dominating Egypt from last 30years but with all respect sir do let me know if you have done anything good for the people of Egypt.

In India people can talk whatever they want. We have freedom of speech so many people demand for separate nation from our part of India. We never give any lift to that attention seekers. We select our government with voting process. Please be informed that we are one of the biggest democracy in world.

Please give the basic human rights to the people of Egypt. They are protesting all over Egypt for their freedom and your exist. I know US is your good friend but Obama also told you to leave the Chair.

I request you not to kill people out there to protest. We want our all journalist gems back to India as we have to sale 4G and many other public property at cheapest rate.

At the last I request you to leave the Chair and allow democracy to take place in Egypt. People of Egypt are looking for peace so let them have a good peaceful life.

Sincerely Your,

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Letter reply from Mr.Mubarak

Dear Mr.Kamal,

I am very much fine at Egypt. As you know I have lot's of supporters in Egypt who are killing people out side so I don't have fear from anyone.

Kamal, I know you are also one of the attention seeker. I don't think till date anyone in India read your blog but then to you have 97post till date. I don't care what India provide to his people. I am king of Egypt and need treatment like King.

I told to the people of Egypt " Please be in your like and mind your own work but they want that I should allow them to go out to read anti slogans about me. I am not like your Prime Minister to whom you always keep calling rubber stamp. Don't dare to call me anything or will hang you till death without rope.

I only ruled Egypt for 30years so let me rule for another 30years after that I'll go. I have also written a letter to My dear friend Obama to give me copy rights money for all the movies made on "mummy" or he should keep Quite. I think he has chosen the option to be


I am not killing anyone in Egypt. I have just told my my people to fire those who are protesting.

I want to come India after will finish all the protest in Egypt. I want to meet Lalu to know how he feels without chair after 15years of warming up. Who is this choudhary tell him to "Think beyond Egypt" or I know how to deal with such kind of people.

I am taking care of your journalist of India here. I am learning from them about Making News, Breaking News and paid News. I also want to sale 3G in Egypt so they will help me to get some good companies to make profit for my personal use.

I am not going to leave Egypt or chair.

Hoshni Mubarak

PS: I don't need approval of any madam for my reply to you.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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