Saturday, 26 February 2011

Libya Revolt

After popular movements overturned the rulers of Tunisia and Egypt, now it number of Libya. Libya experienced a full-scale revolt beginning in February 2011.

On 21st February 2011, Gaddafis son told on Libyan television there is risk for the country’s economic wealth and recent prosperity at risk. He also announced that constitutional convention would begin on 23rd February 2011.

Gaddafi appeared on Libyan state TV to deny rumours, stating "I want to show that I'm in Tripoli and not in Venezuela. Do not believe the channels belonging to stray dogs". Two Libyan Air Force colonels flew their F-1 Mirage jets to Malta and defected after refusing orders to bomb protesters. 

As of late February 2011, much of Libya has tipped out of Gaddafi's control, falling under the aegis of a disparate and informal coalition of protesters. Eastern Libya, centered around the second city and vital port of Benghazi, is said to be firmly in control of the opposition. The rebels are organizing themselves into a functioning government. However, in several public appearances, Gaddafi has threatened to destroy the protest movement, and Al Jazeera and other agencies have reported his government is arming pro-Gaddafi militiamen to kill protesters and defectors against the regime in Tripoli.

Organs of the United Nations, including United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the United Nations Human Rights Council, have condemned the crackdown as violating international law, with the latter body expelling Libya outright in an unprecedented action urged by Libya's own delegation to the UN. The United States imposed economic sanctions against Libya.

International media will start covering Libya once there will be more killing of protestor. News channels in India are busy to cover Cricket World Cup. Hope People of Libya will get their own government without loss of much life of Libyans.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"Don't Pay Tax"

Budget is around the corner and everyone is looking for more tax relief. We all were expecting more indirect taxes with this budget as this one is only easiest way for government to collect the taxes from general public.

As we all know 2010 was year of scams. Scams leads to believe us that whatever taxes government is collecting from us is going into the pocket of scam masters. Income Tax department is also looking for many politicians who have net worth of more than crores and they don’t have PAN number.

Most of our politicians are farmers. There are many big names who have net worth of Millions and they are legally have the status of farmer. They are many tax breaks for our farmer who are committing suicide but on other hand there Farmers who are having Sugar Mills of crores to take the benefit.

What do people learn from all scam & corruption from politician ?

If you won't pay Tax then IT department will knock your door. All Indian should pay Tax for development of infrastructure, education etc in India.

Why we should not pay Tax ?

1.All the politician are getting malamaal with tax money. We are paying for growth & they are using money for their growth.

2.Never heard that Big politician of any party got notice U/s 142.

3.Government is spending crores of money to protect Ajmal Kasab who killed so many people.

4."CWG" thousand crores rupees pumped for development of sports village at delhi but they only purchased toilet roll of Rs4000 to clear the butt that to rejected by players.

5.When Pakistan was not accepting flood aid from India. Government sent the aid via UN. To make our image better on Global Platform we are helping Pak. Who knows the same aid can be used to make one more 26/11 like war on India.

6.Tonnes of food grains are rotting but government can't distribute the same free of cost to poor people.

7.Why should people earning few lacs pay tax when politician earning crores of rupees getting exempt their income as agriculture income.

8.Corporates are doing hard work and making money & many of politician party making money just from their vote bank game.

9.Government is purchasing instruments for security personnel but no one is there to handle the equipments.

10.We are responsible for all corruption by paying tax so better not to pay.

If you are agree with me & don't want pay tax than earn black money or

else get ready to receive notice u/s 142.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay,

Your view can change life so have a view.

MY Visit to KEM

In April-2010, I visited KEM hospital to get the second opinion from Government Doctors for my Eye checkup. In last week I read about how they ask patient to purchase small things like for operation. There was limit when they asked for Bulb & Torch. It’s very much fact that the treatment from Government hospital is free of cost but but it takes many other indirect cost.
Here is my email exchanged on with Din of KEM hospital
                                                                Repot from Kamal
------- Original Message --------

Re: KEM Contact
Sat, 17 Apr 2010 14:35:28 +0530
Kamal Akant 
GS Medical College & KEM Hospital>

Dear Sir,

Thanks a lot for your help.I visited KEM hospital get treated today but was no help as got a date like we use to get in court.

also the staff either it's peon or Assistant Trainee Doctor everyone are very rude to me(with every patient also)

That was surpising.I think we should bring this to the Notice of Authority.

Looking to hear from you.

Once you enter KEM  Gate 2' take a left turn ,enter gs medical college building and on the ground floor is dr oak office
Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone Essar

From: GS Medical College & KEM Hospital>
Date: Sat, 01 May 2010 06:49:15 +0530
To: sanja >> \"Dr. Sanjay Oak\">
Subject: [Fwd: eyw check up at KEM]

-------- Original Message --------

eyw check up at KEM
Fri, 30 Apr 2010 12:54:08 +0530
Kamal Akant 
GS Medical College & KEM Hospital>

Dear Sir,

I just want to share my view in regard of my eye check at KEM Hospital.

for eye checkup we can visit KEM any day between 8.30 am to 10.30 am.

I visited the KEM for Eye checkup here is my expreiance from my 3 day use less visit to Hospital

After taking Rs.10 receipt I went to eye checkup room.Over there one person was asking to read latters in mirror,I think the mirror needs to be changed as it's too old with marks on that.
after my checkup from this fellow,I went to visit Doctor1-Doctor2.Dr.2 told me for eyedrop & called for another day.

Doctor told me to put eye drop in my eyes in every 10minutes after an hour they did the checkup.& called for number at another day.

Doctor checked with various glasses for numbers and told my left eye is weak and they can't help me to improve the visiblity.

I visited doctor to know about my hedche which is regular in every week.I don't have visibility problem.

The result from Doctor I got was very much known to me.I carried my last report from other doctors but nobody wanted to see that and the result I got from KEM after my 3day visit is use less.If you will visit Private doctor then you will get result in 1hours with just fees of Rs600.As i live at dahisar so coming KEM 3days to get eye checkup to save Rs.600 ??????

One day I got email from Dr.Oak to meet him but you know the surprize pack to me I asked one lady doctor in eye care unit for Dr.Oak office and the replies was Who is doctor OAK ?

                                                                        The End

After reading the above email you can ask to government that where the tax payer money is going when they can’t change a mirror and ask for torch & bulb. I can afford Rs.2000 cost to visit private doctors but what about the poor who are coming all the way from interior parts of India.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay
Your view can change life so have a view.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Comments from Indian on World Cup 2011

  • Kalmadi : Doesn’t matter India win world cup or not but we should make money from Toilet paper and ads. I am very sad as I didn’t get single contract for World Cup

  • Raja : How did the tickets allocation take place and what about the digital rights of ads. Who sold all advertisement rights. I must have gain a lot to India.

  • Adarsh : We are thinking to construct the longest cricket stadium at Colaba so please a lot us land.

  • Yedurappa : Why no one from my family has been included in World Cup Squad

  • Jairaam Ramesh: There should be environment friendly Balls so there should be no harm to grass on ground

  • MMS : In case Dhoni will loss the match then he can say it’s team of coalition and I am not responsible for loss

  • Soniag : Bharat jeetega to ham congress ke logo ko bhi cricket mai muka denge so India can not win next time

  • Dada : Hu haa India ! Hu haa India ! Hu haa India ! Hu haa India !

  • Pritish Nandy : Best team should win

  • Jhunjhunwala : up to 2nd April “Only Cricket”

  • Suhel Seth : I am going to tihar to enjoy cricket with all my friends there

  • Kamal : South Africa should win

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

World cup hamko jaan se pyaraa hai

World cup hamko jaan se pyaraa hai !

Is bar world cup sirf hamara hai !!

jitenge ham , jitenge ham......dekho  ssssssssssss !!

Sachin is baar maidan mai jayega , shewagh ke saath chhake lagayega !

Yusuf apna game dikhayega aur ek over mai saat chhake lagayega !

Gaindbaaj sare kamaal dikhaynege aur wicket par wicket lete jaayenge !

ab cricket sirf dharm hamaara hai !

Wrold cup hamko jaan se pyaraa hai !

Is bar world cup sirf hamara hai !!

jitenge ham , jitenge ham......dekho  ssssssssssss !!

World Cup - India

So finally World Cup has started from today !

As World Cup is taking place in Asia so everyone associated with it

will earn a lot. We the people of India, Srilanka, Pakistan and

Bagladesh are crazy for cricket. For us cricket is religion not a


Nice to see that dhoni who played & leaded India in so many matches.

same dhoni who won 1st T20 world cup with new people like Joginder

Sharma will win World Cup for the people of India.

My dear friend Dhoni please read next line carefully "In india cricket

is religion and people treat crickters like God & they can't see that

their god has lost. We the Indian only want to win" so same people who

treat you like GOD will throw you down with your one wrong move.

We don't have much good bowlers then to I salute Dhoni who is leading

India from last few years only with Bats man. We got few bowlers but

they don't have consistency.

Don't worry boys in case you will lose the matches then don't worry in

few days you have to play IPL T20 "Entertainment ka Baap"

Win & Loss are part of game. Sometimes you will lose sometimes you

will win..We don't want you to always win but we don't want to lose as

you lost in Last world Cup.

Let me tell you in India people can't shout for their problems but

they will kill people when it comes on religion. So you all

BCCI/COACH/PLAYERS respect the religion or people won't respect you.

Go and win the World Cup.

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Rahul Gandhi and UP

UP is one of the biggest Role Player in making of Prime Minister. Political parties having hold on UP have taken politics of India for Free to turn and tweet. In last Parliament election Congress won good number of sits in UP compare to past election performance of UP.

Rahul Gandhi has done lots of ground work to win the heart of poor people before election on last LokShabha but later on shifted from UP which was wrong decision. Now when Farmers are going against Mayavati's decision for land acquisition of farmers, Rahul Gandhi came back to field.

Farmers issue has taken the Political color. Peepli Live is a movies which has very well represented turn of farmer issue to political issue "Nattha marega jaroor marega" so political support is to gain pubilicity. We don't know the Farmers will get their dues or not but Congress will become more strong.

UP is having population of more than 21crore. Agriculture is one of the best employment in UP due to it's fertile land but no green revolution has been done in past. People from UP go all across India to earn bread and butter. UP is far away from development despite playing so major role for making PM.

Bollywood movies create controversies when they are near to release date. Congress and Mayavati signed a close deal to Promote Rahul Gandhi in to UP. There are assembly electionin UP- 2012. Congress,Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party are the lead player in UP election. BJP is also there but it's very weak due their vote bank limited to Thakur and Bramins.

People want development so let's look for that then who is taking to Road to lead the fight.

At the end salute the Guts of Rahul Gandhi for breaching the his personal security all the time despite the way his past family members had been shot dead.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

2G & JPC

2G means second generation mobile service or something like that If

you need more details then please file RTI application. 2G is superhit

movie like Dabbang.

2G became hit due to all wrong reason. Public money has been looted in

2G scam. Same license which government sold for 10paisa get sold for

Rs5 in market.

BJP is asking for JPC for the investigation of 2G scam. As per

information 2G was started getting sold free from NDA time but Raja

sold it in Sale ! Sale ! Sale ! Sale !

When I was small. Like something 10year old. My school teacher allow

us to check the homework of other boys. There used to be 10student in

one group. My best friend used be in group of another monitor. I had

mutual agreement with Monitor of my best friend group. As per

agreement he'll never report to teacher that homework of my friend is

incomplete or wrong. I'll never report for his friend's homework.

What I was talking ? JPC means Joint Parliamentary Committee, yaar if

it's wrong then blame BJP they always call it JPC than full name.

There are always used to be 2sides of coin. Right side says that all

the scam master of 2G will be punished in JPC. Truth will come in to

public for scrutiny.

In life we don't have coin which Jay used in sholey so both side can

not be it comes Wrong side, JPC member will open the books

from past which have carbon copy of all scam which involves member

from all JPC family so JPC committee will make agreement as I did when

I was 10year old.

JPC member will issue clean cheat for each other and nothing will come

out. We'll get report from JPC saying that everything was proper and

2G license was sold through proper steps.

Similarity between Dabbang & 2G

1.Dabbang was biggest hit of 2010. 2.Munni was biggest badnaam 2010.

3.Mr.Kashyap was one of the best director of 2010.

1.2G was biggest hit scam of 2010.

2.Raja was biggest badnaam of 2010.

3.Mr.PM & KarunaNidhi was biggest director of 2010 scam.

I have seen highest numbers of movie of Mr.Bachchan. I do remember his

dialogues from many movie. When Raj Thakrey fought election against

sena which leads to loss of sena at many place.Raj told "aapun ne ek

maara par solid mara ki nahi"

Yaar this Raja too inspired by movie of Mr.Bachchan. Raja's dialogues

"Logo Ne itana ghotala kiya, aapun ne ek ghotala kiya par solid

ghotala kiya ya nahi"

I can not write too much against our politician or I'll be in jail on

seduction charges.

I respect people of India but sad part as being people of India I

never respect myself.

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Democracy In Egypt

Great ! Great ! Great !

I am very much happy as Egypt is free from Mr.Mubarak. He ruled egypt for 30long years. US got 4-5 Mr.President in period. Mr.Mubarak was looking for hospital so hope he'll get one.

When you have some problem then you have to take initiative to solve. People of Egypt solved their problem of freedom.

Hoshni told "Egypt is not satellite states and they don't take orders from abroad" but he forgot that abroad gave the order as people of Egypt wanted so.

Democracy is always essential for human being. There should be Freedom of speech. People should be free to express their view.

Egypt is one of the famous place of Historical wonders. Hope the exit of Mubarak will be mile stone for the people of Egypt.

My wishes are with people of Egypt for construction of New Egypt for people and by the people.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

Friday, 4 February 2011

My letter to Mr.Mubarak of Egypt

I have written a letter to Hoshni Mubarak in last week.he sent me reply today. I am posting the brief of the letter.

Dear Mr.Mubarak,

I am very much fine in India and hope you are also fine in Egypt. In last week I received a letter from one of my friend living in Egypt. He told he is not happy with life of Egypt as he can not do anything with freedom.

I know you are dominating Egypt from last 30years but with all respect sir do let me know if you have done anything good for the people of Egypt.

In India people can talk whatever they want. We have freedom of speech so many people demand for separate nation from our part of India. We never give any lift to that attention seekers. We select our government with voting process. Please be informed that we are one of the biggest democracy in world.

Please give the basic human rights to the people of Egypt. They are protesting all over Egypt for their freedom and your exist. I know US is your good friend but Obama also told you to leave the Chair.

I request you not to kill people out there to protest. We want our all journalist gems back to India as we have to sale 4G and many other public property at cheapest rate.

At the last I request you to leave the Chair and allow democracy to take place in Egypt. People of Egypt are looking for peace so let them have a good peaceful life.

Sincerely Your,

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Letter reply from Mr.Mubarak

Dear Mr.Kamal,

I am very much fine at Egypt. As you know I have lot's of supporters in Egypt who are killing people out side so I don't have fear from anyone.

Kamal, I know you are also one of the attention seeker. I don't think till date anyone in India read your blog but then to you have 97post till date. I don't care what India provide to his people. I am king of Egypt and need treatment like King.

I told to the people of Egypt " Please be in your like and mind your own work but they want that I should allow them to go out to read anti slogans about me. I am not like your Prime Minister to whom you always keep calling rubber stamp. Don't dare to call me anything or will hang you till death without rope.

I only ruled Egypt for 30years so let me rule for another 30years after that I'll go. I have also written a letter to My dear friend Obama to give me copy rights money for all the movies made on "mummy" or he should keep Quite. I think he has chosen the option to be


I am not killing anyone in Egypt. I have just told my my people to fire those who are protesting.

I want to come India after will finish all the protest in Egypt. I want to meet Lalu to know how he feels without chair after 15years of warming up. Who is this choudhary tell him to "Think beyond Egypt" or I know how to deal with such kind of people.

I am taking care of your journalist of India here. I am learning from them about Making News, Breaking News and paid News. I also want to sale 3G in Egypt so they will help me to get some good companies to make profit for my personal use.

I am not going to leave Egypt or chair.

Hoshni Mubarak

PS: I don't need approval of any madam for my reply to you.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

वर्ल्ड कप हमको जान से प्यारा है !

वर्ल्ड  कप  हमको  जान  से  प्यारा   है  !

इस  बार  वर्ल्ड  कप  सिर्फ  हमारा  है  !!

जीतेंगे  हम  , जीतेंगे  हम ......देखो   ssssssssssss !!

सचिन  इस  बार  मैदान  मे  जायेगा  , सहेवाघ   के  साथ  छके  लगाएगा  !

युसूफ  अपना  गेम  दिखायेगा  और  एक  ओवर  मे  सात  छके  लगाएगा  !

गेंदबाज  सरे  कमाल  दिखाय्नेगे  और  विक्केट  पर  विक्केट  लेते  जायेंगे  !

अब  क्रिकेट  सिर्फ  धर्म  हमारा  है  !

वर्ल्ड  कप  हमको  जान  से  प्यारा   है  !

इस  बार  वर्ल्ड  कप  सिर्फ  हमारा  है  !!

जीतेंगे  हम  , जीतेंगे  हम ......देखो   ssssssssssss !!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

India after Egypt ?

Egypt is in News due to political problems. People of Egypt are on road to send Mr.Mubarak out. US has taken it's stand on Egypt issue. Mubarak also offered his exit.

Revolution can change anything. People of Egypt once again made us believe that Citizens can change political ground anytime with their will. Mubarak is ruling Egypt from last 30years and failed to get good points from people of Egypt.

What happened in Egypt is going to be took place in India also in next few Days, Month or year? India is among the top five economy in world. We are going to be 2nd Economy in world in future and we are happy. Don't we think why we are not going to be No.1?

China the BAAP of development is running for No.1 post. When we see Hollywood movies most of the time we can see that Western country did great job to save world from disaster. 2012 was movie in which we can see that China constructed a Great Ship to save people when water level will increase due to global warming.

India will be on No.2 due to political will. We are among the most corrupt nation in world. Scams and corruption are increasing every passing day so inflation. People of India are also coming on road as people like Kiran Bedi is doing great work to motivate people to fight against the corruption.

A man told me today "People of Egypt did great work. People of India should kill all the Scam Master and deposit their money into Bank account for help of poor people." The Man was very much literate and Traveling in First Class compartment and talking about share market & economy. If such person who has so much knowledge of things around us is talking like this than what about People of India.

Government of India should come hard on Scam Master and corruption or soon billions of people will be on Road to shift the government. No doubt that people on Road will leads to loss of Economy growth but that will give birth of India which was dream of Sahid Bhagat Singh and many other freedom fighter.

Mahesh Bhatt and many people came on road against the jail term to Binayak Sen on sedition charges. People of India need a good leader to guide them against the fight of corruption, scam and non – governance.

People of Egypt came on road so now it’s turn of People of India.