Thursday, 6 January 2011

Pakistan and China

I have read some where your happiness dependence on your neighbors. For India it’s very much true. Whenever we tried to get happy our dear neighbors came knocking our door. We share such great relationship with China and Pakistan that we always create some issues to let others know that We are in deep love.

India got independence in 1947. We had wars with either with China or Pakistan. We diverted our all the powers to kill each other and encroach the area of land. India never tried to encroached land so it’s Pakistan and China.

We always Trust of Jeeyo aur Jeene Do so we have given asylum to many other people of our neighbor countries. We have the biggest name of Mr.Lama who is continuously having issue with china on Tibbat issue. China is never going to be happy with us due to reason stated above.

We are one of the biggest importer of Chinese goods so they can not open there wars against us. China is powerful but very stable economy. They have all system in place so we have think less in connection to other issues than Political will to create trouble for India.

What about the Pakistan?

Pakistan was our younger brother. We always ignore the mistakes of younger one in family so India did many times in case of Pakistan. Though they bombed us many times then to we are always ready for the reconciliation. Pakistan was never stable from inside. As Pakistan always did his best to experiment Atom Bomb. Pakistan never tried to make there people available Food, Water and shelter.

Pakistan used his best skill to create trouble for India. We have proverbs in hindi “ JO dusroo ke liye khadda khodata hai vo khood usme girta hai” so same thins happening with Pakistan. There own trained Terrorist creating trouble in Pakistan. Terrorist many time bombed many location in Pakistan but they have taken 3 main steps to crate trouble in Pakistan.

Anti social elements of Pakisatn killed Ms.Bhutto. They also bombed on Sri Lanka’s cricket team and They killed the Governor of Punjab(Pakistan). Pakistan’s economy is disturbed from last few years or can say it was never on place.

India has to think seriously for Internal and External security as Pakistan is not stable and the Anti Social element of Pakistan will lead to trouble in India.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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