Saturday, 22 January 2011

News War

News is an important part of life. It makes us aware about the world. North, East, West and South make NEWS.

In my school our teacher always forced us to read newspapers. We do read Newspapers. We always start reading news papers from Back side as it gave us gossips. We never came to front page as it dealt with

Economy and country. We were too small at that time to read Newspapers.

Lokmany Tilak started Kesari News papers to fight with British Government and update Indian about freedom moment. There are so many developments in News Media.

DD National came with Doordarshan Samachaar. It use to come daily with J.B Raman the anchor of News and the time was 07:00 am and 08:30pm. Later on Doordarshan came with DD News with 24X7 News channels.

Liberalisation and privatization policy helped many business centers. Government gave license to private players to show 24X7 News.

There are so many numbers of News Channels today that you can not remember the names. In every product you will get Brand so in News Channels. You can rank DD in the lowest Rank as no one watch DD.

Private News Channels were so aggressive with their News contents and TRP that they will make Hero to anyone to get TRP. News Channels became entertainment channels. You can see comedy show & Saas Bahu Saga on News Channels.

Government works for social responsibility but private players works for profit. There source of revenue is ad coming in breaks. Private News Channels started making profit from their News. If anyone want to

make his name in News then just pay money. News Channels will talk 24X7 about you.

Paid News has shown the negative part of Private News Channels. News Channels started their on sets of making news. You can not run same clip 24X7 so make news and show them.

News Channels also played important role in issues like Jesica Lal Murder case, 2G scam and CWG. They did their best to expose the guilty and make higher TRP.

2G scam exposed A Raja but it also exposed the prominent journalists like Barkha and Vir. They have been caught in audio tape for lobbying with Radia for 2G license.

Chor-Chor mausere bhai. So none of news Channels took initiative to show the news about Barkha and Vir related to 2G. Both the journalist gave their clarification on their voice in tape but people didn't get


Social Networking took the BarkhaGate issue and website like twitter started buzzing with words like #BarkhaGate. People active on social website started camping against corrupt journalists. There have been several blogs written on BarkhaGate.

Social Networking sites make News Channels realized that now people have substitute to spread News and update other people. Social Networking websites gave platform to people to raise voice.

News Channels took the BarkhaGate issue on name of Radiagate. All the journalists started using Radiagate than BarkhaGate. News Channels didn't talk 24X7 on BarkhaGate issue which leads to camping against all News Channels. Social Networking websites are buzzing with words

like chormedia, dalamedia and mediashame.

News Channels are showing news to make profit and not for charity.They show little truth or people will stop watching News.

Aamir Khan came with movie like Peepli Live. Peepli Live was all about farmer suicide and News Channels. News Channels were chasing each other to show more about Naththa. We all know deepak on whom Raju always took dig. He changed so many news channels in last Ten year so money matters. Arnab Goswmai sent an internal email to all Times Now journalist to maintain dignity in work and pay for their own expenses and avoid taking sodexo coupon from corporate so I am very thankful to Arnab.

News started with Suno Suno on drum and reached a level like social networking. News war is started between print, electronic and social sites which will help people to debate on every issue. We'll make

India corruption free in few years.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

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