Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Letter Reply From PM

Dear Kamal,

You are writing me letter from long time through your blog Kamal Upadhyay - Doing Kamaal. I am not much literate about Internet so my apology for late reply. My assistant told me that you are damaging my image through your blog.

Kamal, I know that you people expect too much from me but friend let me tell you, I am also a human being. I did my graduation in Economics and I have very good knowledge about Finance. in 1991 when India was going through financial crunch, I introduced LPG policy and today you

can see where we are.

We Indian can feel proud now as BarackObama came to India in search of JOB. Naukari portals of India getting more view from overseas. We were bird of Gold and now again we'll become Kite of Gold.

I don't like when you call me rubber stamp. I am not rubber stamp and please don't take me granted all the time. From next time if I'll read anywhere that you are calling me rubber stamp then you will be charge for sedition. I frame policy for growth of India. Let me give you an

eg. When you take some new decision then you ask opinion of your near once, I too do same thing but you call me rubber stamp.

Kamal, from long time you are asking about all scam took place in UPA-2 term. There were no issues in UPA-1 as we were not confirmed about our 2nd term. Our people didn't make any money in 1st Term. Do you know cost of election of 1st & 2nd term ? Please note per day cost of people at the time of election

People who know English - Rs2000

People who can help for some vote - Rs10000

People who shout slogan - Rs 300

Loud speakers & equipments - Rs5000

Vehicle - Rs 2000

Other than that we where giving free alcohol & dinner costing Rs450per person per day.

We are recovering our cost spent in election. I introduced LPG for my party



Ghar le jao

We have paid all our debt and promise you no scam going further in UPA-3.

Kamal, you are asking me to take action against scam masters. Let me know one thing will you ever allow your brother to go in Jail..... All scam master are my brother as per our pledge. I am giving you point wise details of scam and scam masters

ShashiTharoor - He was never involved with any scam. He only tried to make some profit for his state Kerala to get a IPL cricket team. You people where shouting so I sacked him from his post of external affairs. I was angry on him from time he told that economy class is like catal class also He created problem for us on many occasion. Let me tell you he has potential to be Prime Minister and represent India on International Platform.

CWG - Kalmadi is not my person. He has benefits due to his close relation with other member of my party. He purchase toilet paper of Rs4000 why you people don't believe on prices. Have you ever got chance to clean your bump with this toilet paper? Actually I was also not knowing about such toilet paper but thanks to Kalmadi, I got chance to clean my bump from such costly paper. I don't know when you Indian will try to leave high standard of life. Start using such costly thing for your house hold. We have sacked Kalmadi from all the post soon there will be action against him.

Adarsh - Adarsh was never been Adarsh for me. Involvement of Chavan and other bureaucrats has been verified and all are few are sacked and this time we started from TOP and sacked Chavan 1st. You know my dear friend Jayraam has issues a circular to demolish Adarsh so soon result

will be out.

2G scam - yaar Kamal you can not take panga with everyone. Raja and his party is supporting us for UPA-2. We took decision little late but he is out of job. CBI is doing Investigation and Soon all loopholes will emerge. I assure you that Raja will be arrested at the time of end of UPA-2 term.

Hope I have answered your all query pending from long time. Please note my mobile no 98XX70XX31 and call me direct than writing a blog. If you won't get network than Have a Idea !

Thanking you,


Madamg, I have to reply Kamal for his letters to me.kindly approve the above draft.

Warm regards,


Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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