Monday, 17 January 2011


Inflation is going high with every passing day. When it comes down then it's only in wholesale market. Retail market has been never seen down ward trend in price of essential commodities like Food and energy sources.

There are very less amount of subsidies on consumer LPG cylinder and electricity. Gas agency are asking for hike in LPG prices and increasing petrol & diesel prices by every Quarter.

Congress used punch line during parliament election "Congress ka haath aam aadmi ke saath" but it doesn't look like. As aam aadmi is only person who is bearing more with price hike.

We are one of the 2nd largest Population in world. There are many counties who have more density than India. China is one of best example. No doubt in coming years China will be No.1 economy in world so we can not use population as issue for price hike.

Government is constantly failing on price rise control. There are lesser subsidy on essential commodities and so many indirect taxes on consumer goods. Our Government is least bother about price rise as most of government MPs are getting their lunch and dinner as cheap as

Rs.5/- It's difficult to get Vada-Pav in Rs.5 due to inflation. Our MPs are getting food on same price.

Real estate prices are getting high every passing day. Inflation has taken speed from the starting term of UPA. There should be stable government for good economy but same stable government leads to price rise. Government bureaucrats don't have fear as they believe no 3rd party will come to scrutinize their work.

Railway is only government body which has not made any changes in their fare from long time.

Poor farmers are selling their hardwork commodity at thrown away priced but consumer are getting same commodity at sky high prices. On other hand agriculture minister says we should concentrate on Industrial development. He must have told it's time to launch another Green Revolution.

Poor people can not use onion in their foods as it's costly than price of wheat and rise. Pav-Bhaji is also getting low in Quality & Quantity due to rise of tomato.

It's time for government to look seriously on Inflation and price control or all Vada-Pav, Pav-Bhaji lover will vote against UPA.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Your view can change life so have a view.

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