Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Breaking News - Scam & CBI

2G scam was one of the biggest wonder of 2010 in the world. It leads to loss of thousand crore of public money. 2G scam also leads to profit of many corporate & political body. Raja told that he has followed the rule which had been followed by earlier telecom ministers. As earlier telecom minister accepted bribe to issue license to mobile company so he followed the same foot steps. We all know the name of Minister involved in 2004 to issue license to mobile companies with personal benefits.

CBI is looking for 2G case ?

Do you want a flat with sea face view then come with me at south mumbai. One newly building is ready , name as "Adarsh Housing" as the name suggest there is no Adarsh has been followed to construct this tower of shame. Ashok Chavan already put his papers due to this case but there are many more in list. Family of Kargil martyrs won't get anything in Adarsh than chance to give interview on TV.

CBI is investigating Adarsh scam ?

Let's go to play some game at delhi. We have new games village there with lot's of high tech facilities. You can even clean your bump with Rs4000 toilet paper. I am very happy that "Olympic" is not coming to India in next 50years. My dear friend Kalmadi has made so many out standing arrangements for CWG. CWG - Common Wealth Game to earn money in this category Kalmadi was only winner who got Gold, Silver and Bronze. In CWG scam corrupt looted thousand of crore rupees to make FD in Swizz Bank.

CBI is investigating CWG scam ?

CBI submitted closer report for Arushi Murder case due to lack of evidence. They even failed to find out the reason behind the murder of Arushi and servant Hemraaj. News reports are continuously criticizing CBI. There are chances that court will reopen case. CBI was investigating Arushi Murder case ?


Can we trust CBI ? CBI is not an independent agency ? CBI work on guidance of Home Minister. Home Ministers is from present government whose Netas are involved in all corruption charges. CBI failed to nail any culprits of running government.

Boforce is Back with all his involvement of Gandhi & Mr.Q who got clean chit from CBI. Income Tax department found details of unaccounted foreign money transaction in Boforce case. CBI has taken their stand saying that there is nothing new in Income Tax department report.

I am sure that CBI won't found any clue in 2G, CWG and Adarsh. Corrupt will go free due to lack of evidence. CBI will submit closer report in 2014 for all above corruption matters.

Who is Digvijay Singh yaar ?

Is he a relative of Rakhi Sawant ?

He is trying his best to make new scam. He is trying his best to divert people attention from scam to other issues. Why he is talking about Hindu Terror when he should work to make things smooth for his colleagues involved in corruption charges. Digvijay Singh is not so smart like his colleagues and failed to do any scam. He should learn from Kalmadi how to do scams. People have caught the Bluff of Digvijay Singh so Dadu calm down.

I'll suggest Mr.Singh to participate in Jhalk Dikhlajaa with Rakhi Sawant where he'll get great chance to be in lime light.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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