Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sansad and Saansad

Indian is one of the biggest democratic country. We appoint our representative by giving out our valuable vote (has no value after voting). We appoint Saansad to take care of our needs like Road,Water,Electricity and many other things. Saansad form a government with their vote and elect Primes Minister. Prime Minister appoints Ministers for various fields of work like TELECOM, agriculture etc.

Meeting of Saansads take place at Sansad for which they get many free allowances from tax payers Money. We have voted and appointed saansads to take care of work at the best. They can debate for the approval or rejection of government policies. They can also pass cut motion in Saansad with majority to elect new PM and Government. Any of remarks in sansad can not be challenged in court so our saansad take maximum benefits for this clause to put allegation on each other.

Above lines make clarify that our sansad is very much capable to make decision and run our economy. It's very sad that in this season of sansad no body wants to debate as opposition is just happy to boycott the Sanasad on some or other issue. We have elected them to debate but they are happy to boycott and enjoy their extended holiday as winter is chilling.

They are many poor people in our country, Who won't get their food by bunking a single day of work but our saansad enjoy all the allowances, no matter of their presence in Saansad. What's the meaning of Boycott ? It's job of guilty people.

I request my all dear Sansad to debate in next session than having holiday on public money.

Want to be saansad,

Kamal Upadhyay

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