Wednesday, 22 December 2010

PM and BJP

Dear Prime Minister,

You are failed to set up JPC for enquiry of 2G scam. You are ready to appear in front of PAC so why not JPC? We all know that 2010 is years of scams. It all started with

• Shashi Tharoor’s wife share in Kerala IPL team

• Kalmadi’s Toilet roll of 4K in CWG

• Ashok Chavans and Adarsh Scam

• 2G Scam ( The Baap of all scams)

There are so many failures of your government. There is song in Hindi “Jab Saiyya bhaye kotwal ab dar kaheka”. All of your ministers and alliances are following same song. They can make profit from any of the mode as there won’t be any enquiry. If people don’t have fear of punishment then they are not going to perform.

You are one of the Best Gem as Economist. You did LPG for us in 1991 and today we all have comfort and luxury. You performed very well as Finance Minister but not same for PM. You took action against all your own people but failed to do so against alliances.

I would like to ask you for resignation as you failed to set up JPC for 2G scam and failed to control all other scam.

On Behalf of BJP

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Dear BJP,

I know that how it fells when you can’t participate in scams. I also know the pain as you are getting poor days by day. Our Ministers are doing well to make profit. If our ministers are exposed then happily giving profit back and also resignation. Your CM at Karnatka also did land scam. He allotted government land to his children.

We took resignation from all our ministers who were involved in scam. You failed to get resignation from Yedurappa. Don’t teach me lecture of morality. We know morality better than you. We always gave support to minority but you failed to make Ram Mandir for your people as promised by you before election.

I am requesting you to dry clean your clothes first and then shown me daag on my shirts. Do you want me to open Kargil book. You people made money from “Tabut” of martyrs.

Don’t teach me lecture of morality.

On Behalf of PM,

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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