Thursday, 16 December 2010

India's New Friend

When you have money , you'll get many friends. When you have money , you'll get many relatives. There is shlok in sanskrit " Adhnsya Kuto Mitram" without money there won't be any friend.

There was time when we used to be called 2nd world. The 2nd world phrase is correct for us as we always get the things which west have used much before than us. We got many car in India after their sale closed in west. We got Pamela when there was no viewer to her in west.

In Last month Mr.President (BarackObama) came to India and praised a lot to us. He said many golden words for Indians. We are always happy to die with love. Mr.President did many deals for his people and country. We started giving job to US and we 1st employed Pamela Anderson.

Mr.President made big profit from his visit in terms of Business. He has promised many things to us as he knows that we believe on promises.

Mr.Premier (Wen Jiabo) is on visit of India. We all know that china has successfully covered Indian market with his cheap products. We all use cheap product of china though it's of Inferior Quality. We are happy to pay for Inferior Quality product as we got chance to enjoy luxury.

I don't know why we Indian think that Living life like west(waste) means luxury.

India is getting more Friends as India is market for all types of consumer & capital goods. India can purchase goods of all range,quality & price.

We are getting friends as we can purchase their goods.

Friend in need is Friend indeed,

Kamal Upadhyay

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