Monday, 27 December 2010

Binayak Sen

Binayak Sen has been sentenced to life time behind bar. As claimed by

section of the media he is a pedestrian and social worker. He was

working for the the poor aadivasi people. He devoted his life for the

help of poor people. He utilized his skills of Doctor to help poor


There are certain questions?

Why was he so regular to meet Maiosts Leader?

He is defended by the best class of lawyer. He is not having any short

fall of money to fight his case. Why did he loose in court? Our

Judiciary believes that hundred guilty people should go "Free" but one

Innocent should not be punished by law.

Court awarded him jail and section of the people is making the

campaign to make him free. I am also with him if he was not attached

to Maiosts. Government should rethink on his case as we have yet not

decided on Afjal Guru and Kasab then what's so hurry on Binayak Sen


If he is culprit as decided by Honorable court (where some time

justice has been done on the basis of Money and influence) then no

need to rethink on his judgment based on section on people opinion.

Maisosts has killed so many people in 2010. There can be many

justified reason from supporter of maiosts saying that the killing is

justified but as per me. No excuse can be entertained to kill


We can also say here that in the name of Freedom we are loosing right

of free speech and view expressing. There should be freedom to the

people to express their view. There should be complete control of

people on their view as that can lead to social tension in society as

we people love our religion more than our life.

If Binayak Sen is not culprit than please let him free so he can do

some more social services.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

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