Thursday, 30 December 2010


Arushi was teenage girls in Noida(UP). She was killed some years ago and Hemraj was servant of the house also get killed same time. UP police tried to get the clue of murderer but failed and case has been handed over to CBI.

There was few arrest in case like Arushi's father and some other related link of Hemraj but CBI didn't find any clue and evidence to make guilty any one.

News Channels also tried their best to run parallel court. News Channels highlighted the issue 24X7. It’s pressure from media which forced to enquiry in Arushi case.

We all know Arushi has been killed & many more know that she has been killed by XYZ. It was also there in news that she was killed by her close one due to her relationship with their servant.

It's not surprise that CBI failed to get any clue in case. There are many evidences which have been tempered. Clue has been ignored.We all know courts are only meant for poor people. There is different set of Law for reach & powerful person.

CBI failed to get murder of Arushi as they have not taken any training

from Mr.Pradyuman,Daya and Abhijeet of CID fame.

Arushi case closed. It's shows the loop holes in our system. It also

shows power of reach people. Section of media also know who killed or atleast tempred with evidences related to murder of Arushi but they can't give verdict or else murder was dead today.

Arushi was killed because she was in relationship. Our society which always talk about growth & development failed to give a simple human rights "Marry to person of your choice"

You can also link Arushi's murder as Honor Killing as more or less the reason was very much same. CBI is looking for reason or motive behind the murder of Arushi and Hemraj. We all know the reasn but CBI has no clue.

Prim Minister is telling to people don’t look for negative aspect. Does it mean let people get killed and allow corrupt to make money from public fund.

Looking for justice

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 27 December 2010

Binayak Sen

Binayak Sen has been sentenced to life time behind bar. As claimed by

section of the media he is a pedestrian and social worker. He was

working for the the poor aadivasi people. He devoted his life for the

help of poor people. He utilized his skills of Doctor to help poor


There are certain questions?

Why was he so regular to meet Maiosts Leader?

He is defended by the best class of lawyer. He is not having any short

fall of money to fight his case. Why did he loose in court? Our

Judiciary believes that hundred guilty people should go "Free" but one

Innocent should not be punished by law.

Court awarded him jail and section of the people is making the

campaign to make him free. I am also with him if he was not attached

to Maiosts. Government should rethink on his case as we have yet not

decided on Afjal Guru and Kasab then what's so hurry on Binayak Sen


If he is culprit as decided by Honorable court (where some time

justice has been done on the basis of Money and influence) then no

need to rethink on his judgment based on section on people opinion.

Maisosts has killed so many people in 2010. There can be many

justified reason from supporter of maiosts saying that the killing is

justified but as per me. No excuse can be entertained to kill


We can also say here that in the name of Freedom we are loosing right

of free speech and view expressing. There should be freedom to the

people to express their view. There should be complete control of

people on their view as that can lead to social tension in society as

we people love our religion more than our life.

If Binayak Sen is not culprit than please let him free so he can do

some more social services.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

PM and BJP

Dear Prime Minister,

You are failed to set up JPC for enquiry of 2G scam. You are ready to appear in front of PAC so why not JPC? We all know that 2010 is years of scams. It all started with

• Shashi Tharoor’s wife share in Kerala IPL team

• Kalmadi’s Toilet roll of 4K in CWG

• Ashok Chavans and Adarsh Scam

• 2G Scam ( The Baap of all scams)

There are so many failures of your government. There is song in Hindi “Jab Saiyya bhaye kotwal ab dar kaheka”. All of your ministers and alliances are following same song. They can make profit from any of the mode as there won’t be any enquiry. If people don’t have fear of punishment then they are not going to perform.

You are one of the Best Gem as Economist. You did LPG for us in 1991 and today we all have comfort and luxury. You performed very well as Finance Minister but not same for PM. You took action against all your own people but failed to do so against alliances.

I would like to ask you for resignation as you failed to set up JPC for 2G scam and failed to control all other scam.

On Behalf of BJP

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Dear BJP,

I know that how it fells when you can’t participate in scams. I also know the pain as you are getting poor days by day. Our Ministers are doing well to make profit. If our ministers are exposed then happily giving profit back and also resignation. Your CM at Karnatka also did land scam. He allotted government land to his children.

We took resignation from all our ministers who were involved in scam. You failed to get resignation from Yedurappa. Don’t teach me lecture of morality. We know morality better than you. We always gave support to minority but you failed to make Ram Mandir for your people as promised by you before election.

I am requesting you to dry clean your clothes first and then shown me daag on my shirts. Do you want me to open Kargil book. You people made money from “Tabut” of martyrs.

Don’t teach me lecture of morality.

On Behalf of PM,

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay


I was thinking to start new business but yes I want to start a business in which I should get more money in short time. My business should run like wine shop i.e 24X7 all days, All weeks and all months. There should be no impact on my business from natural disaster or any other problems.

  • My Business should make money either it's raining, drought or flood.


  • My Business should make money either congress or bjp win the election.

  • My Business should run in the time when there is financial crisis in market.

  • My Business should run in the time IPL, World cup(cricket), FIFA, Hockey.

  • My Business should run if there is scam of IPL, Satyam, CWG, Spectrum.

  • My Business should run if there is outgoing & incoming of money from Swiz accounts.


All the above means My business should run either it good or bad time for people.I should earn money from everything from birth to death.

Do you know any such type of Business?





There is only one business which runs from birth to death from peace to violence from Kashmir to Kanyakumari i.e New channel

Yes, Yes I want to run a news channel. Which can make profit in every season from birth of Nano to death of michael Jackson, from bhopal gas to T20 world cup won by India.

I'll ask for commission to hide truth from people. I'll  ask for commission to expose corrupt people. So Mere Dono Haath Mai Ladu Hai. I am getting money to hide information as well as to provide information.


From News channel business I can support to get license from government , to acquire land from government, I can blackmail to put pressure on government.


"Chor Chor Mausere Bhai" We follow this proverb. If somebody from our field will be caught in all money making transaction. We are not going to shown single report.


Please do let me know either you are agree with me for this business or not ?


Not a Corrupt Blogger,

Kamal Upadhyay

2G Scam

One day few corporate people asked Manmohan Singh. Please give us licence for 2G service of mobile. Manmohan Singh told " ओये   जी   if you need licence for 2G then contact Mr.Raja. 

अरे  boss राजा  बोले  तो  वोही  जो  थोड़े  दिन  पहेले  24X7 news channel पर  आता  था . Corporate people tried to contact Raja but failed. Corporate people appointed Ms.Radia as there PR to meet Raja.

बोले  तो  नेता  और  लड़की  का  पुराना  नाता  है . दोनों  भी  बिना  बात  के  चिल्लाते  है . तो  अपुन  बात  कर  रहा  था  राखी  सावंत  के  बारे  मे  ???? Sorry sorry we were talking about 2G. एक  बात  अपुन  को  नहीं  समझा  ए  3G के  टाइम  पे  अपना  मीडिया  2G का  बात  क्यों  करता  है .

बोले  तो  बहुत  बड़ा  गेम  हो  गया  और  पब्लिक  को  पता भी  नहीं  चला . 2G licence के  लिए  राडिया  मैडम  ने  जैक  लगाना  चालू  किया  और  तुमको  मालूम  होना  मांगता  के  मैडम  लोग  के  लिए  हर  काम  आसन  होता  है .

राडिया  ने  राजा ,वर्षा  और  ताकतवर  (बोले  तुम  समझना  मांगता  है  मे  किस  के  बारे  मे  बात  कर  रहा  हु ) के  साथ  मिल  के  गोटी  फिट  करने  का  चालू  कर  दिया .

अपने  पगड़ी  वाले  को  मालूम  पड़ा  की  राजा  कोई  बड़ा  गेम  कर  रहा  है . पगड़ी  को  रब्बर  स्टंप  नहीं  बोलनेका  बहुत  पढ़ा  लिखा  आदमी  है  आपुन  उसको  सलाम  करता  है . पगड़ी  ने  राजा  को  बोला  बॉस  थोड़े  दिन  रुक  जा  बाद  मे  आपुन  2G बेचेंगे . पर  राजा  किधर  पगड़ी  की  मानने  वाला  था  उसने  तो  2G  को  मुफ्त  मे  बेच  डाला .

अभी  मीडिया  वाला  और  कोई  रिपोर्ट  बोलता  है  की  लाखो  करोड़  का  नुक्सान  हुआ    एक बात बोलनेका है ए   राजदीप  , ए  अरनब  तुम   को   समझ  ता  नहीं  क्या  फन्टर  लोग  को   बहुत  फायदा  हुआ .

तुम  लोग  तो  टेप   बजाने  के  लिए  भी  रेडी  नहीं  थे  वो  तो  आपुन  ने  ब्लॉग  लिख  लिख  कर  ज्यादा  TRP   पा  लिया  तो  तुम  लोग  भी  टेप  बजने  आ  गया .

अभी  3G के  टाइम  पे  2G   का  बात  नहीं  करने  का . राडिया  और  नदिया  और  रजा  किसी  को  कुछ  नहीं  होगा . अरनब   मै  तेरी  इज्जत  करता  हु . तू  मुझे  पांच  नेता  का  नाम  बोल  जो  पब्लिक  का  पैसा  खाने  के  बाद  जेल  मे  बंद  है 

मौका   मिले  वहा  पैसा  बनाओ  और  पब्लिक  के  बारे  मे  भूल  जाओ .

बोले तो बॉम्बे का फन्टर 
कमल उपाध्याय

Monday, 20 December 2010

Onion and Government

Onion is of the essential commodity as Indian prefers it for taste in food. We Indian use it for salad with our lunch, dinner. Now suddenly the price of Onion has been gone up to Rs.70 per kg. Now days hotels are not offering complimentary onion with food items.

Our government is busy to keep commenting on Hindu terror as Hindu terror is bigger threat than LeT. They are trying best to make people believe that Manmohan Singh is ideal Prime Minister and he has control on every ministry and cabinet.

Our opposition is busy to demand JPC in 2G scam which involve scam of thousand crore. Congress doesn't want to go for JPC so there wings are making different comment to divert issue from 2G. They have appointed digvijay as their soldier to divert people attention. He is also trying his best but of no help as opposition has taken stand for JPC.

Onion prices are getting high so the Inflation. Tons of food grains are rotting in warehouse due to lack of storage facilities but people are purchasing same food grains at double price from year before. Change is climate and sudden rain in the month of November also responsible for inflation.

There was time when BJP hiked the price of LPG and Soniag called for rally against BJP. I don't think Soniag got any success in terms of making down the LPG price. Same congress doubled the price of LPG in last few years. Now the major part of corporate believes that UPA is stable government. Stable government is good for economy but same has leads to increase in corruption and other problems.

When there was BJP government in power Onion prices increased very high and aap aadmi started crying but soon after the election BJP was crying and sitting in opposition. BJP failed to control price of Onion and result came out with UPA. I am wondering for this time result of Onion price hike. UPA should control Onion price or soon they have to go through cut motion.

I am going to eat Onion Uthappa without Onion. Hope Manmohan Singh won't become Prime Minister without Congress Government.

Want to eat Onion,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 17 December 2010

Rahul G - Stunt Man

I know that in India , we all have freedom of expression. We can say what we think. There are people in past who expressed their view and feel the burnt from Public and Media. Rahul G , you are candidate for the seat of PM from your Birth. You can express views but that should be acceptable to people of India.

Public person has no rights to express view in public, which is not acceptable. I had sent you the letter last time but you didn't read. I have told clearly that now people want to see work. You didn't listen to me.
Rakhi Sawant is doing better than you with so many TV shows in her kitty. Rahul G, You did lot's of stunt in UP and brought success to your party but you failed in Bihar. Loss of Bihar clearly indicates that people are looking for Workman. You only did stunt till date. I am requesting you to work.

Rahul G, Please do not comment on issues which are of no relevant like Hindu terror is biggest threat than LeT. India has lot's of problem like Unemployment and Poverty. Once MGandhi told that soul of India lives in village so please develop our villages.

Writing Man,

Thursday, 16 December 2010

India's New Friend

When you have money , you'll get many friends. When you have money , you'll get many relatives. There is shlok in sanskrit " Adhnsya Kuto Mitram" without money there won't be any friend.

There was time when we used to be called 2nd world. The 2nd world phrase is correct for us as we always get the things which west have used much before than us. We got many car in India after their sale closed in west. We got Pamela when there was no viewer to her in west.

In Last month Mr.President (BarackObama) came to India and praised a lot to us. He said many golden words for Indians. We are always happy to die with love. Mr.President did many deals for his people and country. We started giving job to US and we 1st employed Pamela Anderson.

Mr.President made big profit from his visit in terms of Business. He has promised many things to us as he knows that we believe on promises.

Mr.Premier (Wen Jiabo) is on visit of India. We all know that china has successfully covered Indian market with his cheap products. We all use cheap product of china though it's of Inferior Quality. We are happy to pay for Inferior Quality product as we got chance to enjoy luxury.

I don't know why we Indian think that Living life like west(waste) means luxury.

India is getting more Friends as India is market for all types of consumer & capital goods. India can purchase goods of all range,quality & price.

We are getting friends as we can purchase their goods.

Friend in need is Friend indeed,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Vote Bank & Green Terror

Chidu told that migrants are responsible for increasing crime rate in
Delhi. Later on he corrected his statement and told media has wrongly
taken his words.

Digvijay told that saffron people are behind the 26/11 & Karkare was
under threat. Karkare also called him before 26/11 which totally
rejected by all the agency but Digvijay is on words. He also rejecting
other story related to saffron terror. He wants to make happy minority

It became new trend. Politician gave statement and after strong action
from people forward all blames to media.

why congress man never talked about Green Terror (in which minority
involved). Congress always look for vote of minority so no action
against guilty. UPA abolished POTA from system to back Green Terror.
There most of policies are for protection of Green Terror.

Kasab killed so many people at CST. Police has lots of proof for Kasab
killing. Congress filed case against Kasab in fast track court. Now
the case is going in High Court. There are many other cases which can
be get solve in court than Kasab.

Congress will soon file for citizenship of Kasab so he can vote for
them in next election.

Afzal Guru is also alive till date as he also comes from minority. I
am sure his family must be voting to congress.

Chidu was talking about migrants. He doesn't know about all the
Bangladeshi coming to India. There is small place name as Meera Road
at Thana (Next to Dahisar in Mumbai). You will get thousands of
connection of Bangladeshi people at Meera Road. Bangladeshi people are
biggest threat for our security 99% of them are living here illegally.
The Big fact most of them are slowly getting citizenship of India.
Most of them will vote for Congress as congress provide them licence
to Kill or else why there is no action ?

Ready to do anything for Vote,
Kamal Upadhyay

Migrants and Delhi

In our constitution we have rights to live at any place in India. People from the rural ares migrated to urban areas to get the bread and butter. Few days back our agriculture minister said that we should concentrate on more growth of Industries than Agriculture. The Statement from Agriculture minister made it clear that rural population needs to be migrated to Urban areas for employment.

Crime rates are increasing in Nation capital of India. Delhi was never safe for women. In last week a girl has been gang raped. It’s failure of Delhi police and government to control on the crimes. Our Politicians always gave blame to others for any of crime. If they have done something wrong then it’s planning of opposition to malign their image.

On Increasing crime rate in Delhi, Chidambram said “ It’s due to migrant population.” The strong reaction on his comment in media and public forced him to take his word back. He also told that media is responsible for interpretation of his statement in wrong way. Our politicians always gave statement and make correction later on.

Chidu was right that Migrant people are responsible for the increasing crime rate at Delhi. Section of people believe that Migrants are responsible for crimes in India. But the name of migrants are very much known in public.

Chidu forgot at the time of giving his statement that Soaniag her self is migrant. She came to Indian from Delhi. 26/11 was failure of government so who was responsible for 26/11 n?

Raja held Telecom ministry at Delhi. He was also migrant . He did such a big scam so migrants are responsible.

Kalmadi also a migrant to Delhi did such big CWG scam. Many of ministers have come to Delhi from various places of India and most of them are corrupt. Chidu and company has appointed them at Delhi.

Mr.Chidu it’s Migrant who increased crime rates in Delhi but Most of the Migrants are appointed by Sonia & Co.

Not a migrant in delhi,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 13 December 2010

Root Of Corruption

You have read here many times about Black Money and corruption. Our system has taken shape such a way that you have to pay bribe to get your work done smoothly.

I am going to revel here that how a company name as G8 has filled their application to get service tax refund and the demand of commission by the service Tax superintendent name as Thomas.


G8 person name as Kamal went to Service Tax office to enquire about his Service Tax refund process.

Kamal : Good morning Sir !

Thomas : Good morning ?

Kamal : I am from G8 company. We have filled application for refund of 54lacs. It's more than 6 month.

Thomas : Are you from the company or came from CA's office ?

Kamal : Sir, I am from the company.

Thomas : Please send your CA with all refund papers.

Kamal : Sir, I only look for the Service Tax matters.

Thomas : Ok, come after a week to get the hearing date.

Kamal ; Thank you Sir !


Kamal : Goodmorning Sir !

Thomas : Goodmorning ?

Kamal : Sir, Please do let me know the hearing date. We have financial

crunch in company. It'll be great if you can process refund faster.

Thomas : take his calculater & press number 10.

Kamal : What is this sir ? date for hearing ?

Thomas : We need 10% commission to process you refund.

Kamal : Sir, 10% is too much.

Thomas : ok then come in next month we'll give you date for hearing.

Kamal : We need money urgently. 10% is too much. Please keep it less

earlier it was only 1%

Thomas : New commissioner is to strict. He'll disallow all the refund.

He him self has paid lot's of money to ministers to get his transfer

here. He has pay all his debt back.

Kamal : Sir, we can not afford 5% also

Thomas : ok, I'll speak to commissioner . Please leave you mobile number.

Kamal : Goodbye sir


Kamal : Goodmorning sir, I was awaiting for your call.

Thomas : commissioner was not ready to get less than 10%. You tell me

how much you can afford

Kamal : Sir, We can Pay 3% not more than that.

Thomas : Ok,come fir hearing in 4-5 days. I'll send you the letter

after that we'll issue show cause with small dis allowance. Explain

that & we'll process the refund in 15days.

Kamal : Thank you very much sir.

It's 100% fact of Service Tax department. Only the % changes as per

the person. If you don't have trust on me then be under cover agent

and go for refund.

Don't want to pay commission,

Kamal Upadhyay

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sansad and Saansad

Indian is one of the biggest democratic country. We appoint our representative by giving out our valuable vote (has no value after voting). We appoint Saansad to take care of our needs like Road,Water,Electricity and many other things. Saansad form a government with their vote and elect Primes Minister. Prime Minister appoints Ministers for various fields of work like TELECOM, agriculture etc.

Meeting of Saansads take place at Sansad for which they get many free allowances from tax payers Money. We have voted and appointed saansads to take care of work at the best. They can debate for the approval or rejection of government policies. They can also pass cut motion in Saansad with majority to elect new PM and Government. Any of remarks in sansad can not be challenged in court so our saansad take maximum benefits for this clause to put allegation on each other.

Above lines make clarify that our sansad is very much capable to make decision and run our economy. It's very sad that in this season of sansad no body wants to debate as opposition is just happy to boycott the Sanasad on some or other issue. We have elected them to debate but they are happy to boycott and enjoy their extended holiday as winter is chilling.

They are many poor people in our country, Who won't get their food by bunking a single day of work but our saansad enjoy all the allowances, no matter of their presence in Saansad. What's the meaning of Boycott ? It's job of guilty people.

I request my all dear Sansad to debate in next session than having holiday on public money.

Want to be saansad,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 10 December 2010

"Real Estate & Mumbai"

"Roti,Kapda aur Makaan" these are three basic needs of human being. In Mumbai Roti & Kapda is very easy to get but "Makaan" is very difficult. In india also Real Estate prices are going high with every passing day.

It's difficult for normal people with salary of 15-20 thousand to get his dream home in Mumbai. Some out skirts of Mumbai (neighbour cities) are also getting costly with every passing day.

In few week back there was survey in real estate sector which said that it's difficult for person to purchase house in Mumbai with salary of 1lac per month. If your dream house cost is 70lacs then you have to pay 20lacs as black money. You have to apply for loan with 50lacs

registered value. You have to pay 15% cash to avail the loan of 50lacs. If your loan is for 20years then you have to pay 45000 per month for EMI but before doing all this get Rs27.5lacs cash money which is big deal.

We recently saw that How people of big corporate companies like LIC Housing are involved with financial scam to support builders to hike the prices of property.

Real Estate prices are going high because people believe that it's safe heaven to Invest money. There is one point I want to put is that Real Estate prices increased from 2006-07. It was time when congress almost fixed their plan for 5years.

Corruption and property prices increased in same time because propertymarket is safe place to divert all black money. You can register as many benami properties you want to register. All black money coming in to property market leads to Increase in properties Prices.

Looking for house in Mumbai,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Letter to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,


I would like to congratulate you for your second term as Prime Minister of India. I know you did hard work in 1st term to make your place safe for the chair of Prime Minister. I also know many of your own people & also from opposition did best to make you out.

I am very happy that you managed well with economy in recession time. When people all over globe was looking for job & I was getting appraisal every 6month. I also know you are the best person to handle Indian Economy.

Bahut ho gaya haal chaal ke bare mai. I have few Question as below for

your reply !

Q1. What is the turn over of Black Money In Indian Economy ?

Q2. When Ajmal Kasab & Afzal Guru will be punished ?

Q3. What is reason behind corruption at peak on your tenure ?

Q4. Do you think that Kalmadi will go to jail ?

Q5. What about A.Raja & 2G scam ? Do you think Raja will be punished &

Money will come back to our economy ?

Q6. When cast based reservation will be out from all sectors ?

Q7. When do you think Aam Aadmi will get power ? So he can ask direct Question to you.

Q8. Are you a rubber stamp ?

Q9. Who will be next Prime Minister ?

Q.10 Do you think people will vote you for 3rd term with all charges of corruption & malfunction ?

I know, Mr.Prime Minister that you are too much busy with your work to make policies which will benefit poor "Some Day". Please tell you assistant to reply for my letter.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 3 December 2010

3G bol ne ka 2G nahi

One day few corporate people asked Manmohan Singh. Please give us licence for 2G service of mobile. Manmohan Singh told "Oye g if you need licence for 2G then contact Mr.Raja.

Are boss Raja bole to vohi jo thode din pahele 24X7 news channel par aata tha. Corporate people tried to contact Raja but failed. Corporate people appointed Ms.Radia as there PR to meet Raja.

Bole to Neta aur ladki ka purana nata hai. Dono bhi bina baat ke chhillate hai. To apun baat kar raha tha Rakhi Sawant ke bare mai ???? Sorry sorry we were talking about 2G. Ek baat apun ko nahi samjha a 3G ke time pe apna media 2G ka baat kyo karta hai.

Bole to bahut bada game ho gaya aur public ko pata nahi chala. 2G licence ke liye Radia madam ne jack lagana chalu kiya aur tumko malum hona mangta ke madam log ke liye har kaam aasan hota hai.

Radia ne Raja,Varsha aur Taktvar (bole tum samjhna mangta hai mai kis ke bare mai baat kar raha hu) ke saath mil ke goti fit karne ka chalu kar diya.

Apne Pagdi wale ko malum pada kee Raja koi bada game kar raha hai. Pagdi ko rubber stamp nahi bolneka bahut padha likha aadmi hai aapun usko salam karta hai. Pagdi ne Raja ko bola boss thode din ruk jaa baad mai aapun 2G bechenge. Par Raja kidhar pagdi ki manene wala tha usne to 2G ko muft mai bech dala.

Abhi media wala aur koi report bolata hai ki lakho karod ka nuksaan hua but a Raju, a Swami tum ko samjh ta nahi kya phanter log to bahut phayda hua.

Tum log to tape bajaane ke liye bhi ready nahi tha vo to aapun ne blog likh likh kar jyada TRP pa liya to tum log bhi tape bajane aa gaya.

Abhi 3G ke time pe 2G ka baat nahi karne ka. Radia or Nadia aur raja kisi ko kucchh nahi hoga. Swmai mai teri ijjat karta hu. Tu mujhe paanch neta ka naam bol jo public ka paisa khane ke baad jail mai band hai

Muaka mile vaha paisa banao aur public ke bare mai bhul jao.

3G bolo kya 2G nahi

Kamal Upadhyay

Cinema & Disability

We have seen that in last few years movies made on disable people did very well. If movies failed to collect money on Box Office but then also rated high by critics.

We can see handicapped people from long time in cinema but I am here to say about movie came in this decade.

"Black" It's movie about a girl who can not see,listen or talk. Bhansali did his best with Mr.Bachchan & Rani. He made us believe for 2hours of all falls in life of handicapped person. He also made us believe that you have to bit handicapped person so he can understand things


"Tare Zamin Par" Mr.Perfecosnist debut as Producer & Director did very well. His movie taught us how to deal with love & care with person. Ishant the boy who is not handicapped but not good in study. He can not understand words due to some problem. Khan did very well with

movie & didn't force us to cry like Bhansali. Mr.Perfecosnist is great is all field.

"Paa" Mr.Bachchan played role of 14years boy who is suffering from fast ageing. Mr.Bachchan did well with role & made us cry & laugh both with his acting.

"Gujarish" I am very sorry to Bhansali. The day I went to cinema hall for movies. Gujarish had been gone from display so can not comment on movie or Bhansali.

We can note that Black,TZP,Paa did very well on Box Office with their collection.

Can we say people enjoy disability of others. I have read some where people are not happy because they are not getting everything but their friends are getting more than them.

People are more happy to see others disability.

Not Happy to see disability,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Twitter Power

(As per twitter website)

An information network

Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting. Simply find the public streams you find most compelling and follow the conversations.

(As per people view)

At the heart of Twitter are small bursts of information called Tweets. Each Tweet is 140 characters in length, but don’t let the small size fool you—you can share a lot with a little space. Connected to each Tweet is a rich details pane that provides additional information, deeper context and embedded media. You can tell your story within your Tweet, or you can think of a Tweet as the headline, and use the details pane to tell the rest with photos, videos and other media content.

'Twitter' kahte hai ham "Udti chidiya ke pankh gin lete hai" par twitter ke pankh ginana kathin kaam hai. 140 character is limit for update on twitter i.e. +ve point. every one try to finish their talk in 140 character. In exam all answer should be answerable in 140 characters. So it will help students to get good mark in exam with less pressure more passing means less Suicide. Twitter is doing well with all it's features. The new twitter is very nice. We can see @twitter getting more popular with people day by day.

Eas Chidiya ke pankh jo chhote hai pura gagan dhakane ka maada rakhte hai. "Nasib Unki Bhi Hoti Hai Jinke Haath Nahi Hote,Pankho Se Kooch Nahi Hota Hauslo Se Udaan Hoti Hai"

Twitter has done good job with his 140 characters limit. Media is using twitter to get view and opinion from people. Celebrities are using it as Platform for interaction with people.

We can see that twitter became more powerful now. When 2G scam came out , followed by Radia and Narkha Tape. Media didn’t publish any news against the people of their own section. People on twitter raised the issue and now you can easily see #Barkhagate. #barkhagate is phrase against the corrupt Journalists. Barkha her self called editor oh her show to clear her point on Tape case. So now people also get one more place to raise their voice.

Twitter is platform to get heard by the people and for the people. So chalo mai bhi Udaan bharta hu.

@k9kamal pe aap mere pankh dekh sakte ho

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Biggest Threat

We the people of India always debate on many issues as we have lot’s of time to spend. I was just thinking that what is the biggest threat to India?

• Our corrupt Neta

• Corruption

• Scams

• Crime

• Religion

• Terrorist

We all are ready to fight with Terrorism. 0n 26/11 few terrorist from Pakistan landed in Mumbai, captured Taj Hotel and other places. Our Security team took 48hours to kill all the terrorist.

Pakistan captured our Kargil hills in 1996. It took few month for our security team to get back all our hills. I want to make a point that in few days or months we can catch Terrorist. We can control terrorism with powerful internal security.

It all started from long time back when India became Independent our Neta also became independent. They Mr.Enderson free from here though many people died in Bhopa Gas tragedy. Till date we are fighting to get compensation for victims and their family.

Our PM told that money left from center as Rs.1 reach to the people as 15paisa. It shows the level of corruption in our economy. Every one wants to make money from Public. Now Indians breath corruption with every doss of O2.

“Scam” It all started from long time back but Harshad Mehta gave it a name. after that there are many scams in India like Satyam,2G,CWG & Adarsh. Even we didn’t leave the chance to make money from the “Taboot” for Kargil fighters.

Our daily News Paper is full with the story of Murder, Rape, Shoot out, Robbery. In thses cases we are little success to catch the culprit than Corruption and Scams. There are lacs of pending cases in our court on all the crimes.

We are always ready to kill each other in the name of Religion. We killed Sikhs in Delhi. We killed Hindu and Muslims in Mumbai. We killed Hindu and Muslims in Gujrat. We were ready to kill each other for Babri Masjid Issue.

We can note from the above that we can control Terrorism but it’s difficult to control all other threats to our Society. So We have to decide threat for our country ?

Biggest Threat to Society,

Kamal Upadhyay