Thursday, 25 November 2010

"No TRP in Bihar on Rahul stunt"

We saw the result of Bihar. Nitish Kumar did much better with BJP. Nitish Kumar is going to be next CM of Bihar. He is candidate for PM post also if NDA government will come in power anytime in future.

I am very happy to see that voters of Bihar press the button on the base of development. I am also happy to see that people didn't press the button on base of cast.Now we can say happily that "Abhi bhi hai samose mai aalu but Bihar se gayab ho gaya Lalu. Please someone tell Lalu that there are other things also needs to be mixed in Samosa.

"Mr.Rahul" made flop show in Bihar. He did his best stunt to get people vote for him. He went to Bihar with every possible visit and yes had the lunch & dinner in house of poor people. I have written a letter to Mr. Rahul 2 months back but he didn't read my letter. I had told him that now people want development & growth. People need job & security. People want government free of corruption. Mr. Rahul didn't read my letter and failed to get any TRP.

I had told in my letter that Mr. Rahul is doing stunt like Rakhi Sawant. I am very sorry to Rakhi Sawant as her show got more TRP than Mr. Rahul. Broadcasting ministry issued notice to channel to shift the Rakhi show by 11pm as it may make wrong impact on people. Broadcasting ministry's action made it clear that Rakhi is getting more TRP.

Mr. Rahul failed to do anything for poor then taking their bite for night in dinner. Let me tell you frankly if we need a stunt man to run India then we will call Mr. Kumar whose movies are not doing well now a days. No one can run country like India on stunt.

I'll suggest Mr. Rahul with another letter so he can take some tips from Rakhi. Mass people of society hate Rakhi but the same people also love her. Mr. Rahul should learn some extra effects to make his stunt more popular.

At the end when you have no TRP then no Income from advertisement.

Eating Samosa without aalu

Kamal Upadhyay

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