Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Scam Master

We saw congress drama yesterday. They accepted Kalmadi's & Chavan's resignation so there will be no disturbance in parliament session. Congress is very active when it comes to fire their people who got the post with the grace of Party.

In the year 2010 it all started with my dear tweet writer @shashitharoor as his present wife was having share in Kochi IPL Team. Tharoor has also tweeted few things due to which congress got embarrassment like his comment on economy class. As he was the congress man so they thrown him out.

CWG became successful but Kamladi came under scanner with all the Toilet Roll of Rs 4,000/- & Umbrella of Rs. 5,000/- but he got grace period from the Congress as the games needs to be finished. Game was successful so our athletics as we won so many medals. He got sacked as he is also congress man.

High rise put him down ! I am talking about Mr.chavan. As his relatives got flat in Adarsh Soc scam so also came under scanner. Thanks to Mr.Obama he got grace period for few days but sacked before the parliament session will start. So can carry session without much noise. Chavan became CM of Maharashtra with the grace of Sonaig .He got sacked as he is also congress man.

He is baap of all above scam master. As per New paper claiming that 2G leads to the loss of crores of rupees to government. Mr.Raja is under CBI probe but as he is minister of UPA government and supporting party of Congress so there is no more action than enquiry. If Raja will be guilty as per CBI probe then he has to go out & If congress will become harsh on the issue then chances are there for cut motion. So for congress it’s easy to fire their own people than non-congress man.

I am surprised to see that though all the above person are involved in scam but non of their property of bank accounts has been attached. Hope all the culprits will get punishment in right time.

Scam Master,

Kamal Upadhyay

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