Tuesday, 2 November 2010

"Slums on High Rise"

Adarsh society scam making news now a days for all the wrong reason. I

also heard that the building was suppose to be of 7floor only but it

increased upto 31 floor with the help of Jugaad of Indian people. It's

easy for big shot people to have Jugaad with their influence & power.

I am going to tell you about another scam which is not going to come in media.

Just walk out side of Bandra station either towards east or west.

You'll get clear view towards east. As much I know height of slum can

not be more than 14feet but you will get many slums in mumbai with

ground plus one without any paper or noc. You will get surprise after

walking in Bandra east , there you will find slum with 3 to 4 floor.

This all 3 to 4 floor slums are just stone through away from Bandra

station. How they got permission to make so much vertical construction

without approval from BMC or If they got permission from government

authorities then on which basis permission granted.

All the constructions are in such bad planned that a small fire or

earthquake will take many life. No fire safety majors have been

adopted. When the entire construction is illegal then thinking about

safety major is wrong.

This is the area where  majority are minority. They have huge vote

bank with every increasing floor of slums. This is well know fact in

Mumbai that voting percentage of slum is much more than flats &


Politician & few anti social animals are making these slum towers for

their gain which will lead to loss of life due any calamity. If you'll

count the money involved in place & construction then value of land is

much more than Adarsh society.

Slum towers does not need clearance from environment ministry. They

don't need approval from CM or Mahdah.

To make slum tower you just need influence in Police & BMC and support

from local Politician. If there will be lack of any support then you

just need Gandhi Bapu to help you. As we all know jaha koi nahi chalta

vaha Bapu Chalta hai.

Let's see when this slum towers will get demolished.

Want to see demolition of Slum Tower,

Kamal Upadhyay

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