Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cost of Neta

Every businessman follow very simple funda that Cost+Profit=Sale Price. Every industry try their best to recover their cost & make some super profit. When industry announced there results Quarterly people use to get happy as more profit means more tax & more development fund.

When industry recover their cost & make profit no news channel report but when a Neta try to recover cost & make profit every one has objection.

Neta does not require qualification but it's one of the tough job in India. If your father is not a Neta then it's not easy for you to be Neta.

Let's Start from Gram Pradhan election. In normal case every candidate who has made nomination of Gram Pradhan use to spend 2lacs rupees so that's natural after getting chair he will recover his cost & generate some profit.

a Neta use to spend 20lacs minimum to fight election of MLA if he has not paid 50lacs to party to get ticket.

If you have to get nomination for MP then party will charge 1crore & 4crore on your publicity. If you don't have money you will get people who will land you money without any surety.

When a person spend so much money to win election so he will try his best to recover his cost & some add on profit. 1lac salary & few allowance won't help to recover the cost so they start doing scam & corruption.

You can not give above excuse for corruption but there is need to change our election system which involves so much on money in election process.

Want to fight election with zero budget

Kamal Upadhyay

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