Monday, 22 November 2010

Black Money - III

We all know the source & consumption of Black Money but then also we failed to do anything as our government is simply not interested to control the source & consumption of Black Money.

All the political party use the Black Money at the time of election campaign. If there won't be Black Money then there will be no follower to so Jay-Jay-Jay-Jay.

It's not only our Neta who source the Black Money. Real state is one of the biggest place for consumption of Black Money. Few year back there was case when a Judge failed to get flat of his choice as he was not having the Black Money to pay. Real State work on 80:20ratio for sale and purchase of properties. Black and White money ratio works in all the segment of sale & purchase.

We the people also responsible for the source & consumption of Black Money in our country. Why always blame our Neta who are diverting our money to Swizz bank. We are also helping them for their work so we are also guilty. At the time of purchasing of properties you only think about your need at that time you don't think about country & economy. Later on you will shout that our all the money going to Europe.

You have to decide that from next time when it comes to pay Black Money for any of your important work that time you have to think about our Country & Economy.

You can not blame always others for problem of our Country & Economy. It's nature of human being at the time of success they don't want to share credit but in failure blame others.

Do your best so there won't be source & consumption of Black Money by you. When you'll start protest the entire country will start protest.

Bund Bund Se Sagar Bhartaa Hai !

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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