Sunday, 21 November 2010

Black Money – II

As our News channels are busy for scam of 2G , we need to put point on black money. We all know all the powerful people from politics and Industries has revenue more than they show in their accounts. It’s very sorry state of affair that many MP and MLA declaring assets in crores don’t have PAN number. So what ever earning they are generating the major part comes from the corrupt system of economy.

Yesterday I saw a movie in which make online transfer of money from unknown swizz account to Indian RBI account. Do we need such kind of trick to get our money back in economy so we can land money to west. Let west to know it’s all our money which you are enjoying from last fifty years.

Many NGO’s registered in country do the Havala trade on big volume. They will convert your White money into black money with 3-7% commission. You can claim for exemption under section 80G for donation and same time you’ll get your money back with 3-7% deduction so you can pay the money as to bribe or spend.

It’s not only our Neta’s are corrupt. We all the people of India also corrupt as we learn the corruption from our birth. We start paying bribe on every work. If you have baby born on your house than taking rounds of Municipal office for birth certificate just pay Rs.100 to Babug. He’ll give you certificate in hand. Most of the Auto and Taxi drivers have got the license on fake document and paying bribe. If you need appointment in any of state grant school then pay few lacs to get your place. I know many people who’ll happily pay few lacs for job in any of government sector.

When we want to do our own work we are ready to bribe which generates black money but when some one else is paying so we don’t pay bribe. As it leads to black money in economy. when every Indian is ready to accept and pay money so why to blame our Netas. Netas are representative of people so have they can ask for more money than people.

All the black money get generates from our system through corruption and safe heaven to convert that money or to keep it away from our government which is formed by people who has there own share in every pie is to invest the money in Real state with Benami property or go to swizz bank.

If we need our money back from swizz accounts than people of India have to take stand as our Netas are simply not interested. Indian people have to report for every corruption and don’t pay bribe or accept in any condition. All the big scams need the support from bottom line class so don’t help any of big shark to take your money out by paying you few thousand.

If we people of India won’t support than no scam is possible.

Read-Wake up- React,

Kamal Upadhyay

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