Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Barkha Dutt is Group editor of NDTV. She used to have her show thebuckstop weekly at 10:00 pm on NDTV and We the people on sunday. She is one of good journalist from Media.

Indian was praising our 4th pillar of democracy in connection of expose of scam by Mr.Raja & Mr.Kalmadi. People were thinking that Media won't allow corruption in society.

No doubt that Media did great job to get the resignation from Raja & Kalmadi but suddenly Tape conversation between Radia & Barkha talking in favor of Raja came in one of magazine followed by outlook.

As soon as conversation came out people who involved in conversation gave their explanation. As per the clarification none of them are involved with any favor to corrupt minister.

"Chor chor mausere bhai" very old proverb came in use. Same media who were asking for punishment to all scam masters and neta didn't tell single word about Barkha.

There are possibilities that Barkha must be having secret of other big reporter so there is no news about such big connection with scam masters.

Let me tell you it is same media who made a boy name as Prince hero over night because he had fallen in bore well and tried their best to show the footage of Abhi-Aish wedding but failed.

Social networking site like Twitter is buzzing with word like #BarkhaGate which means gate for corruption. It can be true that Barkha & all other involved have no connection with scam. People are angry as suddenly when they were celebrating for their 1st step victory after Raja's resignation get shocked with Barkha's tape.

People are demanding probe in Tape matter and let media to follow this story as they were following Rakhi Ka Insaaf. There should be independent agency to probe Barkha's tape case. If she is not guilty then let her go. If found guilty then let her go in jail as she was demanding for other scam master.

Dear Barkha,

If you are exposing other scam master then it doesn't mean you can get involved in scam. Let the probe start to make you out from #BarkhaGate but if found guilty then sorry. You deserve jail. We the people don't have trust on Neta but when people like you break our faith it hurts.

Doing the work of Media

Kamal Upadhyay

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