Thursday, 25 November 2010

"No TRP in Bihar on Rahul stunt"

We saw the result of Bihar. Nitish Kumar did much better with BJP. Nitish Kumar is going to be next CM of Bihar. He is candidate for PM post also if NDA government will come in power anytime in future.

I am very happy to see that voters of Bihar press the button on the base of development. I am also happy to see that people didn't press the button on base of cast.Now we can say happily that "Abhi bhi hai samose mai aalu but Bihar se gayab ho gaya Lalu. Please someone tell Lalu that there are other things also needs to be mixed in Samosa.

"Mr.Rahul" made flop show in Bihar. He did his best stunt to get people vote for him. He went to Bihar with every possible visit and yes had the lunch & dinner in house of poor people. I have written a letter to Mr. Rahul 2 months back but he didn't read my letter. I had told him that now people want development & growth. People need job & security. People want government free of corruption. Mr. Rahul didn't read my letter and failed to get any TRP.

I had told in my letter that Mr. Rahul is doing stunt like Rakhi Sawant. I am very sorry to Rakhi Sawant as her show got more TRP than Mr. Rahul. Broadcasting ministry issued notice to channel to shift the Rakhi show by 11pm as it may make wrong impact on people. Broadcasting ministry's action made it clear that Rakhi is getting more TRP.

Mr. Rahul failed to do anything for poor then taking their bite for night in dinner. Let me tell you frankly if we need a stunt man to run India then we will call Mr. Kumar whose movies are not doing well now a days. No one can run country like India on stunt.

I'll suggest Mr. Rahul with another letter so he can take some tips from Rakhi. Mass people of society hate Rakhi but the same people also love her. Mr. Rahul should learn some extra effects to make his stunt more popular.

At the end when you have no TRP then no Income from advertisement.

Eating Samosa without aalu

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Barkha Dutt is Group editor of NDTV. She used to have her show thebuckstop weekly at 10:00 pm on NDTV and We the people on sunday. She is one of good journalist from Media.

Indian was praising our 4th pillar of democracy in connection of expose of scam by Mr.Raja & Mr.Kalmadi. People were thinking that Media won't allow corruption in society.

No doubt that Media did great job to get the resignation from Raja & Kalmadi but suddenly Tape conversation between Radia & Barkha talking in favor of Raja came in one of magazine followed by outlook.

As soon as conversation came out people who involved in conversation gave their explanation. As per the clarification none of them are involved with any favor to corrupt minister.

"Chor chor mausere bhai" very old proverb came in use. Same media who were asking for punishment to all scam masters and neta didn't tell single word about Barkha.

There are possibilities that Barkha must be having secret of other big reporter so there is no news about such big connection with scam masters.

Let me tell you it is same media who made a boy name as Prince hero over night because he had fallen in bore well and tried their best to show the footage of Abhi-Aish wedding but failed.

Social networking site like Twitter is buzzing with word like #BarkhaGate which means gate for corruption. It can be true that Barkha & all other involved have no connection with scam. People are angry as suddenly when they were celebrating for their 1st step victory after Raja's resignation get shocked with Barkha's tape.

People are demanding probe in Tape matter and let media to follow this story as they were following Rakhi Ka Insaaf. There should be independent agency to probe Barkha's tape case. If she is not guilty then let her go. If found guilty then let her go in jail as she was demanding for other scam master.

Dear Barkha,

If you are exposing other scam master then it doesn't mean you can get involved in scam. Let the probe start to make you out from #BarkhaGate but if found guilty then sorry. You deserve jail. We the people don't have trust on Neta but when people like you break our faith it hurts.

Doing the work of Media

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 22 November 2010

Black Money - III

We all know the source & consumption of Black Money but then also we failed to do anything as our government is simply not interested to control the source & consumption of Black Money.

All the political party use the Black Money at the time of election campaign. If there won't be Black Money then there will be no follower to so Jay-Jay-Jay-Jay.

It's not only our Neta who source the Black Money. Real state is one of the biggest place for consumption of Black Money. Few year back there was case when a Judge failed to get flat of his choice as he was not having the Black Money to pay. Real State work on 80:20ratio for sale and purchase of properties. Black and White money ratio works in all the segment of sale & purchase.

We the people also responsible for the source & consumption of Black Money in our country. Why always blame our Neta who are diverting our money to Swizz bank. We are also helping them for their work so we are also guilty. At the time of purchasing of properties you only think about your need at that time you don't think about country & economy. Later on you will shout that our all the money going to Europe.

You have to decide that from next time when it comes to pay Black Money for any of your important work that time you have to think about our Country & Economy.

You can not blame always others for problem of our Country & Economy. It's nature of human being at the time of success they don't want to share credit but in failure blame others.

Do your best so there won't be source & consumption of Black Money by you. When you'll start protest the entire country will start protest.

Bund Bund Se Sagar Bhartaa Hai !

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Black Money – II

As our News channels are busy for scam of 2G , we need to put point on black money. We all know all the powerful people from politics and Industries has revenue more than they show in their accounts. It’s very sorry state of affair that many MP and MLA declaring assets in crores don’t have PAN number. So what ever earning they are generating the major part comes from the corrupt system of economy.

Yesterday I saw a movie in which make online transfer of money from unknown swizz account to Indian RBI account. Do we need such kind of trick to get our money back in economy so we can land money to west. Let west to know it’s all our money which you are enjoying from last fifty years.

Many NGO’s registered in country do the Havala trade on big volume. They will convert your White money into black money with 3-7% commission. You can claim for exemption under section 80G for donation and same time you’ll get your money back with 3-7% deduction so you can pay the money as to bribe or spend.

It’s not only our Neta’s are corrupt. We all the people of India also corrupt as we learn the corruption from our birth. We start paying bribe on every work. If you have baby born on your house than taking rounds of Municipal office for birth certificate just pay Rs.100 to Babug. He’ll give you certificate in hand. Most of the Auto and Taxi drivers have got the license on fake document and paying bribe. If you need appointment in any of state grant school then pay few lacs to get your place. I know many people who’ll happily pay few lacs for job in any of government sector.

When we want to do our own work we are ready to bribe which generates black money but when some one else is paying so we don’t pay bribe. As it leads to black money in economy. when every Indian is ready to accept and pay money so why to blame our Netas. Netas are representative of people so have they can ask for more money than people.

All the black money get generates from our system through corruption and safe heaven to convert that money or to keep it away from our government which is formed by people who has there own share in every pie is to invest the money in Real state with Benami property or go to swizz bank.

If we need our money back from swizz accounts than people of India have to take stand as our Netas are simply not interested. Indian people have to report for every corruption and don’t pay bribe or accept in any condition. All the big scams need the support from bottom line class so don’t help any of big shark to take your money out by paying you few thousand.

If we people of India won’t support than no scam is possible.

Read-Wake up- React,

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cost of Neta

Every businessman follow very simple funda that Cost+Profit=Sale Price. Every industry try their best to recover their cost & make some super profit. When industry announced there results Quarterly people use to get happy as more profit means more tax & more development fund.

When industry recover their cost & make profit no news channel report but when a Neta try to recover cost & make profit every one has objection.

Neta does not require qualification but it's one of the tough job in India. If your father is not a Neta then it's not easy for you to be Neta.

Let's Start from Gram Pradhan election. In normal case every candidate who has made nomination of Gram Pradhan use to spend 2lacs rupees so that's natural after getting chair he will recover his cost & generate some profit.

a Neta use to spend 20lacs minimum to fight election of MLA if he has not paid 50lacs to party to get ticket.

If you have to get nomination for MP then party will charge 1crore & 4crore on your publicity. If you don't have money you will get people who will land you money without any surety.

When a person spend so much money to win election so he will try his best to recover his cost & some add on profit. 1lac salary & few allowance won't help to recover the cost so they start doing scam & corruption.

You can not give above excuse for corruption but there is need to change our election system which involves so much on money in election process.

Want to fight election with zero budget

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Scam Master

We saw congress drama yesterday. They accepted Kalmadi's & Chavan's resignation so there will be no disturbance in parliament session. Congress is very active when it comes to fire their people who got the post with the grace of Party.

In the year 2010 it all started with my dear tweet writer @shashitharoor as his present wife was having share in Kochi IPL Team. Tharoor has also tweeted few things due to which congress got embarrassment like his comment on economy class. As he was the congress man so they thrown him out.

CWG became successful but Kamladi came under scanner with all the Toilet Roll of Rs 4,000/- & Umbrella of Rs. 5,000/- but he got grace period from the Congress as the games needs to be finished. Game was successful so our athletics as we won so many medals. He got sacked as he is also congress man.

High rise put him down ! I am talking about Mr.chavan. As his relatives got flat in Adarsh Soc scam so also came under scanner. Thanks to Mr.Obama he got grace period for few days but sacked before the parliament session will start. So can carry session without much noise. Chavan became CM of Maharashtra with the grace of Sonaig .He got sacked as he is also congress man.

He is baap of all above scam master. As per New paper claiming that 2G leads to the loss of crores of rupees to government. Mr.Raja is under CBI probe but as he is minister of UPA government and supporting party of Congress so there is no more action than enquiry. If Raja will be guilty as per CBI probe then he has to go out & If congress will become harsh on the issue then chances are there for cut motion. So for congress it’s easy to fire their own people than non-congress man.

I am surprised to see that though all the above person are involved in scam but non of their property of bank accounts has been attached. Hope all the culprits will get punishment in right time.

Scam Master,

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 8 November 2010

Barack Obama visited India

Mr.President came to India after long wait. We were happy that Mr.president the first African-American President of USA will come to India. I'll be always happy to know that Mr.Bachchan is coming to my house.As Mr Manmohan Sing respect Mr.President more than that I respect Mr.Bachchan. I don't have any expectation from Mr.Bachchan. But our Ministers have much more expectation from him. Our Ministers were in dream that Mr.President will come and use his magic stick to make some magic so from next day there will be no Terror in India. Kashmir will be free from Army and people of Kashmir can move freely in there location.

Mr.bachchan is going to come my home then I don't want anything from him. he is coming to my place is one of big thing for me. I will recite that till will live that Mr.Bachchan once visited my house. So why do our people(Neta & Media) have so many expectation from Mr.President. Indo-Pak issue is which needs to be resolved from India & Pakistan. Pakistan is looking from third party intervention from long time but we never welcomed that then why do we need Mr.President to comment on Pak.

Not Happy with Mr.President as he told India has big stake in success of Pak but unfortunately Pak has biggest stake in terror in India. USA helps pak with money so there can be prosperity but Pak use same money to provide training to Terrorist. So Mr.President we don't need stake in success of Pak but Pak should not increase his stake in Terror activity of India. I want to tell Mr.President that Pak is using your money to terrorise India but we don't need terrorist from cross border. In my own country there is lot's of scam and corruption at every passing day. so they will help us to get as down as possible.they will make our speed slow to be Super Power.

I am very Happy Mr.President that you came here to do business deal. I am also Happy ,if India is making profit from your Indo-US deal. We have lot's of Indian who wants to purchase Imported goods with higher cost for them Quality doesn't matter. If they are paying more than others so they are Happy to purchase. I am sure your business houses will make profit from India. We Indian have big attitude. as USA is providing business in India through outsourcing so we'll create some employment at USA with out business deal. Hame Upkar rakhane ki aadat nahi hai.

Goodbye Mr.President,

Waiting for Mr.Bachchan to come,

Kamal Upadhyay

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

"Slums on High Rise"

Adarsh society scam making news now a days for all the wrong reason. I

also heard that the building was suppose to be of 7floor only but it

increased upto 31 floor with the help of Jugaad of Indian people. It's

easy for big shot people to have Jugaad with their influence & power.

I am going to tell you about another scam which is not going to come in media.

Just walk out side of Bandra station either towards east or west.

You'll get clear view towards east. As much I know height of slum can

not be more than 14feet but you will get many slums in mumbai with

ground plus one without any paper or noc. You will get surprise after

walking in Bandra east , there you will find slum with 3 to 4 floor.

This all 3 to 4 floor slums are just stone through away from Bandra

station. How they got permission to make so much vertical construction

without approval from BMC or If they got permission from government

authorities then on which basis permission granted.

All the constructions are in such bad planned that a small fire or

earthquake will take many life. No fire safety majors have been

adopted. When the entire construction is illegal then thinking about

safety major is wrong.

This is the area where  majority are minority. They have huge vote

bank with every increasing floor of slums. This is well know fact in

Mumbai that voting percentage of slum is much more than flats &


Politician & few anti social animals are making these slum towers for

their gain which will lead to loss of life due any calamity. If you'll

count the money involved in place & construction then value of land is

much more than Adarsh society.

Slum towers does not need clearance from environment ministry. They

don't need approval from CM or Mahdah.

To make slum tower you just need influence in Police & BMC and support

from local Politician. If there will be lack of any support then you

just need Gandhi Bapu to help you. As we all know jaha koi nahi chalta

vaha Bapu Chalta hai.

Let's see when this slum towers will get demolished.

Want to see demolition of Slum Tower,

Kamal Upadhyay