Thursday, 21 October 2010


Asali maza SAB ke saath aata hai.

I am talking about the SAB channel. It makes me remember DD days. When 
we use to enjoy every programme with family. There was no problem watching Alif Laila or Chandrakanta with family. DD days was free from Bikini & minis.

SAB has all the flavour for it starts with his programme at

08:00 pm Papad Pol

08:30 pm Tarak Mehta

09:00 Sajan re jhoot mat bolo

09:30 Mrs & Mr Sharma

10:00 Lapataganj

10:30 FIR/Chanda kanoon

I think for these 3hours you don't have to use TV remote more. Just switch on SAB and keep your remote aside. One great thing about all these programmes is all are comedy programme
with fabulous cast & story. All the programmes are crafted such a great way that you can enjoy them with your every member of family & no need to put pressure on
your mind to know what is going to happen tomorrow.

So SAB is great channel with great programme & great viewer.

Asali maza sab ke saath aata hai

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

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