Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Chhotu Thakrey

"Such a long journey" Mistry's book gave a platform to ShivSena for launch of Chhotu Thakrey. After long journey of Shiv Sena Mr.Bal Thakrey is no more able to continue but due to love of his son & MNS he is even working. Uddhav is unable to take attention from Marathi Manus as My Dear Raj has better voice & skills to get attention. So SS is loosening theirvote bank. To continue long journey of SS. They took charge to ban Mistry's Book"Such a long journey". It's so sad that for long journey of one person another one journey is getting stop.

To give proper answer to MNS, it was the time to launch Chhotu Thakrey in field. So to lead campaign to ban Mistry's Book, SS gave leadership to Chhotu Thakrey. Father always try to give best profession to their child. There fore only child of every politician taking place of his father seat than to be Doctor,scientist.

So now Chhotu Thakrey also came into politics. In forthcoming Bihar election you can see that many of politicians children are contesting election. So now politics also reserved for Gandhi & family,

Lalu&Family, Pawar&Family etc.

Mistry's Book was ok for everyone post launch of Chhotu Thakrey. We have seen from long time that Indian politics has lack of issue from 1947 everyone contesting election on same issue of

Road,Water,Electricity. This is time for our politician to think for right issue to contest

election. Demand to ban of book can not be issue.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

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