Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Arundhati Roy

Don't know @Arundhati_roy was her original twitter account or not as never saw verified batch on it. When Arundhati_roy's controversy came in light twitter did 1st job to discontinue @Arundhati_roy 's twitter account as wrong person can make more issues with the help of this account. I welcome the move from Twitter.

What she said that Kashmir is not integral part of India.

Is that true?

Kashmiris won't enjoy freedom as we are enjoying in other part of India. They live with Army as integral part of life. Every aspect has positive & negative effect so Army. They provide them security but some of the time they use them for personal benefits.

She commented due to reason that locals won't trust on central government policies and living life like slave.

There are voices in kashmir itself who want to make kashmir separate from India, though security & medical bills are paid by Indian government.

Arundhati_roy's comment can lead to social tension also when such people speak then masses believe on them so it can be her view but ethically not correct.

Does it really affect India & Kashmir issue then my answer is no. Media will run issue in prime time and after that things will be out.

She is so correct with her explanation that there are Rapist, Murderer, Scam master in India so better catch them than getting her into trouble for her view.

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Asali maza SAB ke saath aata hai.

I am talking about the SAB channel. It makes me remember DD days. When 
we use to enjoy every programme with family. There was no problem watching Alif Laila or Chandrakanta with family. DD days was free from Bikini & minis.

SAB has all the flavour for it starts with his programme at

08:00 pm Papad Pol

08:30 pm Tarak Mehta

09:00 Sajan re jhoot mat bolo

09:30 Mrs & Mr Sharma

10:00 Lapataganj

10:30 FIR/Chanda kanoon

I think for these 3hours you don't have to use TV remote more. Just switch on SAB and keep your remote aside. One great thing about all these programmes is all are comedy programme
with fabulous cast & story. All the programmes are crafted such a great way that you can enjoy them with your every member of family & no need to put pressure on
your mind to know what is going to happen tomorrow.

So SAB is great channel with great programme & great viewer.

Asali maza sab ke saath aata hai

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Chhotu Thakrey

"Such a long journey" Mistry's book gave a platform to ShivSena for launch of Chhotu Thakrey. After long journey of Shiv Sena Mr.Bal Thakrey is no more able to continue but due to love of his son & MNS he is even working. Uddhav is unable to take attention from Marathi Manus as My Dear Raj has better voice & skills to get attention. So SS is loosening theirvote bank. To continue long journey of SS. They took charge to ban Mistry's Book"Such a long journey". It's so sad that for long journey of one person another one journey is getting stop.

To give proper answer to MNS, it was the time to launch Chhotu Thakrey in field. So to lead campaign to ban Mistry's Book, SS gave leadership to Chhotu Thakrey. Father always try to give best profession to their child. There fore only child of every politician taking place of his father seat than to be Doctor,scientist.

So now Chhotu Thakrey also came into politics. In forthcoming Bihar election you can see that many of politicians children are contesting election. So now politics also reserved for Gandhi & family,

Lalu&Family, Pawar&Family etc.

Mistry's Book was ok for everyone post launch of Chhotu Thakrey. We have seen from long time that Indian politics has lack of issue from 1947 everyone contesting election on same issue of

Road,Water,Electricity. This is time for our politician to think for right issue to contest

election. Demand to ban of book can not be issue.

Doing Kamaal,
Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 18 October 2010


Hospital is place where people never go in happiness. People go to Hospital only when they have some trouble with their health. I was also there in last week because my WBC count in blood decreased.

You can not enjoy any of moment In Hospital but without choice you
have to be there as per the wish of Doctor. There is very small chance for you to have lunch & dinner as nurse will give your dos with

Syringes & pipes and directly into your pulse.

One good thing about Hospital.yes yes there is one good thing about 
Hospital that People pray for each others and want that everybody should recover as early as possible. No patient ask about religion of fellow patient In Hospital. Patient just want that their fellow patient should do well asap.

One more thing I noticed that non of Hospital has board that Muslims 
are not allowed. I am telling this because in many societies of Mumbai, Muslims are not allowed. So in simple words we can say when there is pain people does not think about cast & religion but when they are happy they have many more time for discrimination.

Doing Kamaal,

Kamal Upadhyay

Saturday, 16 October 2010

New BIMARI Bosee

As per management of company when Boss is not around things go easy for employee. It means that employees chat a lot, getting more involve with social networking and do less work. So it leads to work problems in company.

Let me tell you guys. When Boss is not around we work hard as Boss has given us the list of pending works. When we try to do some time pass his appointed person (chmacha) does not allow us to do time pass.

When Boss is not around the biggest problem is his appointed person does all the works of Boss. He gives order, asks for the updates & even gives new work other pending list. He does not has authority to sign checks.

As now a days it's cut through competition. Even President of USA came here to ask for the job & work for their people. So our Boss also travel a lot for development of Business & work.

The person who is taking care of Boss work starts thinking that He is Boss. so he is suffering with BIMARI OF BOSEEE. Who will help them to know that they are not a Boss but they think & act like Boss.

Due to this BIMARI slowly they start thinking “If they won't be around company will shut down.” They are pillar of company but who will tell them that a new person will take his work in 15days time only and management will pay more salary than you to the new person..

So my dear Friend get well soon if you will leave the company then to company will run. Boss started company with his own ability and not because of his employees. He won’t take time to appoint new person if you will keep reacting more than required.

So please allow everyone to take some breath when Boss is not around, already employees pending list have lot’s of work to finish. We’ll only chat when our work will get finished.

Hope all my near & dear once who are suffering from BIMARI OF BOSEEE will get well soon. Also who read this post please pray for them.

Working on pending list of Boss,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 15 October 2010


I started my career 3year ago at that time I was close to my family, lover & friends. I was a good boy with less of attitude & more helping hands. At my job I was fresher so was not enjoying the work so much as seniors never gave chance to enjoy.

Today after three years not so well but then to I command a good position at my job can direct interact with Directors & some of good biggies in corporate. But today my heart is not same as it was 3years ago. I hardly join my family for chat. my lover too has same complaint that I don’t have time for her. I don’t talk with my old friends.

Today I have lot’s of attitude for everything. I speak totally different than 3years ago but I enjoy my job. But I enjoy my life ?

You will say what’s new in this story ?

My ans : nothing new

I am writing to this as I know there are Lot’s of changes in me from last 3years.major changes are from which I’ll get Lot’s of problem in life as it only 3rd year. What will happen after 10years.

I know all merits & demerits of changes than to I FAILED TO KEEP MYSELF…ME FAILED…TO KEEP SAME AS 3YEARS AGO. Then to can’t do anything for me. I will keep changing with more trouble to life & more profit at work. I don’t know WHAT I’LL BE ?

I would like to say this is the story of most of the people at present. Who are getting promotion at JOB but getting away from family, life & Happiness.

Changing life with trouble,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 1 October 2010

Mandir or Masjid - Ayodhya

Allhabad High court gave very good judgement on Ayodhya issue though bigger class of society believe that the judgement is not mature as per law. Do you want to ask me I wanted to see their Mandir or Masjid. Let me tell you frankly that I don't care either Mandir or Masjid will get 
constructed on disputed site.

Younger generation of India mainly the group of 20s to 30s don't care for verdict of court on the issue. I am just 23, have good interest in politics & current affairs. My generalknowledge is also good butyesterday only I came to know that there was 3rd party also name as
Nirmohi Akhara. Let me tell you clearly there are many people who doesn't know actual reason for Ayodhya dispute.

Younger india don't know much about dispute so they care least about verdict.

Citizen of India behaved very very mature way on verdict. India has 
many issues than Ayodhya which need urgent attention either it's poverty or inflation both are increasing like 92-93 riots.

I want to appeal that please close Ayodhya issue and move ahead for growth of India. at the end "Nahi chahiye Mandir-Masjid.Nahi chahiye batwara ! Chahiye thoda pyar thoda thoda pyar chahiye.

I am human

Kamal(no surname,which divide us)