Sunday, 19 September 2010

Letter to Mr.Rahul Gandhi

Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,

I am not so well at Mumbai but hope with the grace of Mumbadevi, you will be fine at your place. I do remember you when ever think about your local ride in mumbai. I want to salute you to not accepting the post of PM or any other ministry though you are getting all these as free gift.

I can see now a days you don't want everything free so you are doing lot's of stunt with media. You want to live life like us but please note it down that none of us want to live like we are living.

It's very easy to travel in 1st class compartment of Mumbai local with 100 of security guards. If you have dare then come with me catch Churchgate fast local from Kandivali station at 8:45am. Please call your security people also to catch the same local but without revealing your identity. Mr.Gandhi, I'll must enjoy your ride of

local train on day I'll get sit in Churcgate fast local from Borivali without any trouble. Though you traveled from local train but nothing has been changed till date and conditions of local became worst.

Just saw that you are carrying bucket of sand with a woman in some rural area ? Great stunt but you have addidas shoes to walk but labour full day work without 'chappals' so other than carrying bucket with them help them to make their living condition good & better working/living environment.

I strongly believe that you & Rakhi Sawant has some connection with each other as both of you know how to attract people/media. So do some work than making stunt or try season 4 of Khatro Ke Khiladi as you have potential to become star after Akshay Kumar.

Please use your rubber stamp Mr.PM to take some strong action against all the corruption. I’ll be more happy with development of India & Poor. Your stunt doesn’t entertain us. We are happy with Rajnikant stunts even you can not perform better than him.

Don't want to see Mr.Rahul Gandhi as stunt man,

Kamal Upadhyay

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