Monday, 27 September 2010


I was thinking to write something about Mumbai.For me it's Mumbai as from childhood only I read,heard & written Mumbai so no Bombay for me. Mumbai has his own experience. Mumbai is Financial capital of India. So people from every part of India come here for work to earn & to learn.

One of the best thing about Mumbai " No one sleeps hungry here ". Everyone can earn money for to time bread & butter. So Mumbai is Great city for me as I am here from last 23years. Mumbai Has various place to visit e.g. Gateway of India,National Park,Sea Face, Mahalakshmi & many more other places.

Mumbai is city where mode of travel is very easy but it's difficult also. Mumbai local which connect all Mumbai people from their work & home. It's difficult as if you are new to city it'll give experience
of free massage in crowded train of Pick our.Best buses are also cheapest mode for Road travel.You'll get double decker buses in Mumbai which make them part of History. People who lives in Mumbai are known as Mumbaikars. As being of Mumbaikar I salute to Mumbai & Mumbaikars. Either it's 26th July,26/11 or blasts Mumbaikars always came together for the cause & to help people.

Mumbai is city of bollywood so they also have important role to shape Mumbai. Dalal Street also made many people reach in single day. Mumbai never got on back foot due to any problem excluding political problem. Mumbai is great city to live but it's space getting shorter by increasing population. Every city has their capacity so mumbai is over loaded now but then to Mumbai is running.

There are multiple festivals In Mumbai Janmashtmi,Ganesh Chaturathi,Navratri,Chhat Pooja which make Mumbai United.

Kamal Upadhyay

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Don't Pay Tax

What do people learn from all scam & corruption and politician ?

If you won't pay Tax then IT department will knock your door. All Indian should pay Tax for development of infrastructure,education etc.. but here 10 reason for not paying taxes.

Why we should not pay Tax ?

1.All the politician are getting malamaal with tax money. We are paying for growth & they are using money for their growth.

2.Never heard that Big politician of soniya & co or any other party got notice U/s 142.

3.Government is spending crores of money to protect Ajmal Kasab who killed so many people.

4."CWG" thousand crores rupees pumped for development of sports village at delhi but they only purchased toilet roll of Rs4000 to clear the butt that to rejected by players.

5.When pakistan not accepting flood aid from India.government went to UN to acknowledgment from Pakistan.

6.Tonnes of food grains are rotting but government can't distribute the same free of cost to poor people.

7.Why should people earning few lacs pay tax when politician earning crores of rupees getting exempt their income as agriculture income.

8.Corporates are doing hard work and making money & many of politician party making money just from their vote bank game.

9.Government is purchasing instruments for security personnel but no one is their to handle the equipments.

10.We are responsible for all corruption by paying tax so better not to pay.

If you are agree with me & don't want pay tax then earn black money or

else ready to receive notice u/s 142.

Doing Kamaal

Kamal Upadhyay

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

"Ram Mandir or Babri Masjid"

In Indian juidcery system justice can be delayed but can not be denied. So finally on 24/09/2010 allhabad high court going to pronounce judgement for Ram Mandir/Babri Masjid.

It can be one of the worst day for Indian history as either judgement go in favour of any party non of them going to sit silently so there are chances of riots like 92-93.

No doubt that our security system is much power full to control the good citizen of India but what will happen when anti social elements will take part in violence. Mandir bane ya Masjid kya pharak padta hai but there are politician who'll not leave chance of doing vote bank politics.

I am sorry to say but there will be killing of life on verdict day which no one can solve.

slogan from hindus
Lathi,Goli khayenge mandir vahi banyenge !

slogan from muslims
Lathi,Goli khayenge masjid vahi banyenge !

Don't want to fight in the name of ??
Kamal Upadhyay

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Letter to Mr.Rahul Gandhi

Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,

I am not so well at Mumbai but hope with the grace of Mumbadevi, you will be fine at your place. I do remember you when ever think about your local ride in mumbai. I want to salute you to not accepting the post of PM or any other ministry though you are getting all these as free gift.

I can see now a days you don't want everything free so you are doing lot's of stunt with media. You want to live life like us but please note it down that none of us want to live like we are living.

It's very easy to travel in 1st class compartment of Mumbai local with 100 of security guards. If you have dare then come with me catch Churchgate fast local from Kandivali station at 8:45am. Please call your security people also to catch the same local but without revealing your identity. Mr.Gandhi, I'll must enjoy your ride of

local train on day I'll get sit in Churcgate fast local from Borivali without any trouble. Though you traveled from local train but nothing has been changed till date and conditions of local became worst.

Just saw that you are carrying bucket of sand with a woman in some rural area ? Great stunt but you have addidas shoes to walk but labour full day work without 'chappals' so other than carrying bucket with them help them to make their living condition good & better working/living environment.

I strongly believe that you & Rakhi Sawant has some connection with each other as both of you know how to attract people/media. So do some work than making stunt or try season 4 of Khatro Ke Khiladi as you have potential to become star after Akshay Kumar.

Please use your rubber stamp Mr.PM to take some strong action against all the corruption. I’ll be more happy with development of India & Poor. Your stunt doesn’t entertain us. We are happy with Rajnikant stunts even you can not perform better than him.

Don't want to see Mr.Rahul Gandhi as stunt man,

Kamal Upadhyay

Friday, 17 September 2010

Best - Bus - Fare

If you want to travel in mumbai so Best buses are cheapest mode of travel. You can travel suburbs of mumbai with Rs20 & south mumbai with Rs15. You can cover entire mumbai with Rs25. Best charge minimum fare Rs3.

In last week Best increased their Bus Fare from minimum Rs3 to Rs4 & there is only one ticket of Rs25 to travel anywhere in mumbai. Best increased the fare after 5-6years so it's totally justified but trouble start from here. After Rs4, the next level come with Rs6 ticket.

Rs6 ticket creating problem for commuters & conductors. NO NO NO NO it's not like that ki Commuters are not ready to pay or conductors don't have ticket of Rs6. The problem is of change money.neither the commuters nor conductors have enough coin of Rs2 & Rs1.

Bus conductors & commuters are fighting with each other for change money. Commuters are always ready with Rs10note to pay for Rs6 but conductor is not ready to accept Rs10 as he doesn't has money of Rs4 to repay.

What best should do ?

Now best should think on Rs6 problem & they should revise their fare.I am not telling them to decreased the fare but now minimum ticket comes with Rs4 & after that Rs6 so make all the Rs4 & Rs6 ticket for Rs5. If you will make a survey then you find that that Best sale Rs6

ticket more than any other tickets.

So make Rs4 & Rs6 tickets to Rs5.

Don't want to fight with conductor

Kamal Upadhyay

Monday, 13 September 2010


Maiosts are group of people who are fighting for their basic rights.India got independence in 1947 but these Maiosts are slave till date and awaiting for their basic rights. They are slave of poverty & politician.

In last one year there are many incidents in which lot's of innocent people got killed due to attack from Maiosts. How come anyone can say that Maiosts are also human being. Human being does not kill innocent people due to any reason reason.

I don't care for reason as killing innocent people is not defined at all. They are killing people to make a point in front of government for their cause.

A very simple question come in my mind, our great leaders like Dr.Ambedkar did no fight nor killed anyone to get rights of Dalits. Today our Dalit brothers have equal right as I have, so why Maiosts wants to take their point by killing people.

Chidu told that kidnapping of Bihar cops are responsibility of state government. Oh Mr.Chidu don't forget Maiosts are not a problem of bhihar they are problem of India. Just shifting buck won't help so do something which will help India than congress.

Now a days we can watch a ad from congress for development & growth of India. A human being becomes Maiosts when others are developing and he is not getting chance for development. So Maiosts are getting more aggressive due to discrimination development of people.

Maiosts are big threat for our internal security so just make action than words.